East Asian-Founded IoT American Startups: Breaking Barriers in Tech Industry

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Welcome to another installment of our series celebrating the innovative startups founded by minority groups. In this feature article, we shine a spotlight on the Internet of Things (IoT) industry and the East Asian entrepreneurs who are leading the charge. IoT has been growing exponentially, transforming various sectors – healthcare, agriculture, logistics, and much more. It’s a digital revolution driven by connectivity and data, with numerous opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship. Here, we profile some top startups founded by an East Asian talent leading the way in the IoT industry. Come, let’s learn about their endeavors.

Transparent Path spc

Transparent Path spc is a Seattle-based startup operating in the AgTech, Logistics, and IoT sectors. Core product focuses around reducing waste and costs in the agriculture industry supply chain. Founded by Eric Weaver, Greg Lind, Lauren Adler, and Mark Kammerer, Transparent Path’s mission extends beyond profitability to tackle issues of food waste and hunger globally.

The startup provides real-time supply chain visibility by attaching continuously-connected cellular sensors to pallets entering the supply chain. These sensors continuously monitor and report data regarding location, temperature, humidity, and other factors to help predict product freshness and transparency. Learn more about Transparent Path here.


Based in Seattle, Mason is led by founder Jim Xiao. The startup specializes in IoT, hardware, mobile devices, SaaS, and software. The Mason Smart Device Platform is a fully managed infrastructure for developing and delivering dedicated devices, making it easier and more affordable to build, deploy, and scale smart devices.

With Mason, innovators can focus on application development, feature specification, and user experience. The platform manages the complexities of backend services, while also handling hardware investment risks and logistics. Learn more about Mason here.


Headquartered in Brooklyn, Aavia was founded by Aagya Mathur, Alexis Wong, and Aya Suzuki with a passion for improving female health and wellness. The company’s name is inspired by a bird, symbolizing power and freedom. In the intersection of apps, healthcare, IoT, and wellness, Aavia aims to solve problems in healthcare and promote improved wellbeing for women. Learn more about Aavia here.


hopps is a San Francisco-based startup founded by Doreen Li and Guillermo Trujillo. The company aims to revolutionize the experience for patrons looking to get a drink quickly and easily. It focuses on B2B, B2C, enterprise software, IoT, mobile, and software sectors. The cross-platform application also aids venues in increasing their revenues and bartenders with their earnings. Learn more about hopps here.

meShare Inc.

Founded by Andrew Xie, Charlie Wan, and Kevin Wan, meShare Inc., based in Milpitas, California, has been dedicated to creating a cloud platform for businesses since 2014. Their efforts have drawn in millions of users who rely on their service to secure their homes, connect with loved ones, and cherish special moments. Learn more about meShare Inc. here.


The last of our spotlighted startups is IOTAS, based in Portland, Oregon. IOTAS, founded by Jeremy Steinhauer and Sce Pike, is committed to delivering a fully-connected, smart home experience for residents and property managers. Their platform integrates IoT technology directly into multi-family units, making the smart home experience more easily accessible to all. Learn more about IOTAS here.

These companies are excellent examples of the innovative spirit driving the evolution of the Internet of Things. Their groundbreaking advancements show the transformative power of technology and the entrepreneurial spirit. We look forward to highlighting more excellent startups in our future editions.

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