East Asian Founded Mobile Apps Startups Transforming Tech in America

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Welcome to the latest piece in our series that explores exciting startups founded by empowered minority groups. In this article, we shine a spotlight on the world of mobile apps, introducing you to the inspiring East Asian entrepreneurs who are making major inroads in this sector. These ingenious founders all share a vision: to reshape the ways in which we work, live, and connect through modern technology.

We are thrilled to introduce you to these businesses; not just for their innovative apps, but for what they stand for–progress, diversity, and the undeterred pursuit of entrepreneurial dreams. In what is often viewed as a competitive and homogenized tech market, these founders demonstrate the power of unique, cultural perspectives in broadening the tech landscape.

Let’s dive into the top East AsianFounded startups in the Mobile Apps industry and learn all about their transformative solutions, and the brilliant minds behind them.


Founded by Frank Jiang and Jack Chen, SWIDIA is based in the vibrant city of Chicago, operating in a variety of industries such as Advertising, App Marketing, and Mobile Apps. They have become the preferred growth marketing partner for consumer startups looking to accelerate user acquisition and improve retention. They’ve managed to propel growth-stage startups to unicorn status, demonstrating their potential for success.
Join their growth journey on their LinkedIn page.

Aura Health

Aura Health, based in San Francisco, provides a personalized digital wellness ecosystem with a unique blend of wellness practices for every individual. This startup, founded by Daniel Lee and Steve Lee, creates a space where therapists and coaches from around the globe can connect and share their expert advice. Follow them on Facebook and LinkedIn to explore how Aura is reshaping the wellness industry.


Buzzer is a sports-centric mobile platform leverages on real-time notifications, founded by Bo Han and based in the bustling city of New York. Their innovative app simplifies the discovery of live sports action and makes them seamless to watch across multiple leagues and games. Keep up with their latest features and updates on Facebook and LinkedIn.


In an era of increasing cyber threats, Magic is here to provide peace of mind through secure, extensible passwordless authentication. The San Francisco-based startup is founded by Arthur Jen, Jaemin Jin, and Sean Li, and it offers the simplicity and security of passwordless logins with just a few lines of code. Follow them on LinkedIn and join them in bringing about a more secure cyber world.


Founded by Andrew Crookston and Hoon Kim, Keelo offers high-intensity training regimens with real, measurable fitness results. This San Francisco-based startup uses a holistic approach to fitness that promotes balanced body and mind. Follow their fitness journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


With the goal of bringing end-to-end mobile QA solutions, Eden Full Goh founded Mobot. The New York-based startup uses supervised, mechanical robots to test native mobile and mobile web apps on actual iOS/Android devices. Their innovative approach combines the best of automated and manual QA to deliver impeccable results. Learn more about their tech journey on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Transforming the future of banking, finance, and fintech, Cogni, based in New York and founded by Archie Ravishankar, aims at consolidating banking, commerce, and lifestyle into one app. Get in touch with the team through Facebook and LinkedIn.

Lot Club

A private community for select entertainment professionals, Lot Club provides a platform for networking and collaboration. Founded by Elliott Staffer and Kate Ferguson, this startup from Santa Monica has members who have made significant contributions to top studios, production companies, and distributors. Check them out on Facebook and LinkedIn.


MaxRewards, headquartered in Atlanta and founded by Anik Khan and David Gao, is proving to be a game-changer in the field of personal finance, with an app that manages credit card accounts and maximizes rewards. Keep track of their breakthroughs on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Located in New York, Shine was founded by Marah Lidey and Naomi Hirabayashi. Providing an awesome self-care app and community for users with anxiety and depression, they believe in personal growth and holistic acceptance. Connect with Shine’s community on Facebook and LinkedIn.


Founded by Allen Chen and Jesse Venticinque, Fitbod is based in San Francisco and offers gym-goers a way to maximize their use of indoor gym equipment. Their app uses machine learning to analyse workout data and then builds a real-time, dynamic strength training plan tailored to individual capability, equipment, and fitness goals. Follow them on their journey to democratize fitness on their Facebook and LinkedIn pages.

These startups are shattering the boundaries of the tech industry and paving the path for East Asian entrepreneurs. The mobile app landscape holds a brighter future, thanks to their game-changing contributions and distinctly diverse perspectives.

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