East Asian Founded Video Startups Revolutionizing American Industry: A Showcase

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In recent years, an inspiring trend has been taking shape in the start-up scene. More and more successful ventures are being spearheaded by minority and East Asian founders, particularly in the rapidly developing video-industry. These innovators, with their diverse life experiences and insights, bring a unique perspective to their work, enabling them to create outside-the-box solutions that tackle pressing concerns in the industry.

Join us as we explore some of the best East Asian founded startups in the video industry. We aim to bring these trailblazing companies and their founders into the spotlight – offering a glimpse into their journeys, innovations, and how they are reshaping the landscape of our digital world.

These noteworthy startups have been pushing the boundaries in various sectors including, but not limited to, video streaming, gaming, and digital advertising. Each combines technological innovation with a keen understanding of their market, bringing unique and compelling services and products to users around the globe.


Conviva, co-founded by Hui Zhang and Ion Stoica, is leading the charge in streaming analytics. The platform, supported by over 60 patented technologies, helps streaming businesses maintain a competitive edge by aiding companies in audience acquisition, engagement and monetization. Conviva boosts brands like DAZN, Disney+, Hulu, and more by processing nearly 3 trillion streaming data events daily, supporting 500 million unique viewers.


Founded by Chris(tina) Brady and Michael Bryant, Chow-Bryant is a digital advertising and marketing agency that is results-driven. The agency employs a wealth of techniques and channels to guide business growth. Their primary approach is to understand a business fully, emphasizing its strengths, and supplying data needed for growth.

A.V. Mapping Co., LTD

A.V. Mapping Co., LTD takes multimedia production to a new level by developing a platform that uses AI to help creatives find the perfect music for their videos in seconds. Co-founded by Frinny Lee, A.V. Mapping shortens the video and audio editing process and shares profits with musicians and creators.


PLLAY Labs, founded by Christine Krzyzanowski and Shawn Gunn, offers a unique approach to competitive gaming. Grounded in AI technology, PLLAY Labs’ mobile wagering app offers an exciting platform for competitive video gaming. The company seeks to transform the landscape of e-sports, making it increasingly accessible and engaging.

Darkstar Games

At the helm of Darkstar Games are founders Jung Lee and William Germann. The company focuses on developing high-end games for major consoles such as the Xbox X-series and SONY PS5. They’ve pioneered an immersive MMORPG social platform that thrives on multiplayer interaction and integrates blockchain technology.


Co-founded by Jeong Kim, Jimmy Lynn, and Wim Sweldens, Kiswe, connects home viewers with live events and in-venue fans through interactive video experiences. Kiswe uses cloud-based technology to transform the way live games and events are professionally produced and broadcasted.

meShare Inc.

meShare Inc. was founded by Andrew Xie, Charlie Wan, and Kevin Wan. Specializing in IoT, meShare aims to provide an open cloud platform to support businesses in joining the IoT revolution. meShare works with smart home product teams to help improve user experience and interaction with their devices.


iiRcade, founded by Jong-Wook Shin, is bringing the home arcade gaming experience to the 21st century by offering an all-in-one connected platform for gaming. iiRcade makes it possible to play online and LAN connected multiplayer arcade games and buy officially licensed games from an online store.


Co-founded by Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago, thatgamecompany creates video games that strive to push the boundaries of interactive entertainment. Committed to cultivating enriching experiences, the company designs video games that are both artistically crafted and broadly accessible.


Virtuosica is a tech and services platform catering to 21st-century musicians and audiences. Co-founded by Teri Lee Hirano and Warren E. Peterson, Virtuosica provides tools, an online venue, and technology to empower musicians to reach and engage with new and existing audiences.


Created by founders Brad Jefferson, Jason Hsiao, Stevie Clifton, and Tom Clifton, Animoto is an easy-to-use platform that allows anyone to create professional-quality videos. Animoto is committed to making video production accessible, cost-effective, and most importantly, fun for anyone wishing to share their story.

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