East Asian-Led Medical Startups Revolutionizing American Healthcare Industry

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As society moves towards a more equal and inclusive future, more and more startups founded by minority groups are assuming leadership roles across various sectors. The medical industry is one such field where East Asian startups are leaving their mark with advanced and innovative technology-based solutions to make healthcare more accessible and efficient. Today we dedicate this post to the top East Asian founded startups that are making substantial strides in the medical domain.

We are going to highlight Bloom Science, Filtricine, Moleculera Labs, MORE Health, Halo Neuroscience, Endless Health, Cast21, Oracle Health, Memoir Health, Shimmer, and LINE OF SIGHT. Each startup is unique and boasts excellence in the varied medical niches they cater to. Their groundbreaking innovations and relentless efforts have made a significant impact on how healthcare services & products are being transformed and received globally.

Majority of these startups are based in the United States, which means they are contributing not just to the medical field but also the economy and job market. All of them have been founded by East Asian entrepreneurs who are showcasing their exceptional skills, innovative mindset, and dedication to improving the state of healthcare globally.

Bloom Science

Founded by Christopher Reyes, Elaine Hsiao, Raphael Valdvia, Tony Colasin, and located in San Diego, California, Bloom Science is developing genetically optimized microbes to treat pharmacoresistant or non-addressed diseases. Visit Website


Filtricine, led by Grace Xiaolu Yang, Michael Snyder, Xin Wang, and Xiyan Li, is tackling metabolic vulnerabilities in cancers without drugs. Their operation is based in Santa Clara, California. Visit Website

Moleculera Labs

Moleculera Labs, situated in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and co-founded by Drs. Craig Shimasaki and Madeleine Cunningham, is focusing on the understanding and clinical identification of biological root causes of neurological, psychiatric and behavioral disorders. Visit Website

MORE Health

Co-founded by Bo Hu and Hope Lewis, MORE Health aims to offer comprehensive medical collaboration platform to provide the best diagnosis and treatment. The startup is based in San Mateo, California, USA. Visit Website

Halo Neuroscience

Halo Neuroscience, co-founded by Amol Sarva, Brett Wingeier, Daniel Chao, and Lee von Kraus, developed Neuropriming technology to enhance skill and strength acquisition in elite athletes. The company is based in San Francisco, CA, USA. Visit Website

Endless Health

Endless Health, Co-founded by Cooper Galvin and Jiabao Li, Silver Spring-based startup offers a platform that empowers individuals with extensive info on heart conditions and preventive measures.Visit Website


Cast21, co-founded by Ashley Moy and Jason Troutner, brings to light a waterproof and breathable cast for fracture and joint care. The start-up operates from Memphis, Tennessee. Visit Website

Oracle Health

Founded by Jaeson Bang, Oracle Health is Houston-based startup that specializes in cardiac arrhythmia and heart failure monitoring system. Visit Website

Memoir Health

Plotted in San Francisco, California, Memoir Health, co-founded by Helen Shang and Mansoor Alam, is a healthcare services company that provided comprehensive, evidence-based care for chronic pain patients. Visit Website


Shimmer, founded by Christal Wang, Jon Wang, and Vikram Sreedhar, is a startup that provides a platform for 1:1 remote ADHD coaching. The company is based in San Francisco, CA. Visit Website


Founded by Jennifer Tsai and Jonathan Kuo, New York-based startup LINE OF SIGHT provides tailored, medically-based full-scope optometric care in an elevated setting.Visit Website

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