East Asian-Led Startups Revolutionizing America’s Enterprise Software Industry

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In today’s increasingly technological society, startup companies play a critical role in introducing innovative strategies and solutions to meet the needs of the constantly changing market. This article will feature some of the most successful startups in the enterprise software industry that were established by East Asian creators. These startups challenge the norm and continue to break barriers not only in technology but also in business dynamics, tools, and methods. Their influence resonates not only within the Asia-Pacific region, but also worldwide.

There is a wealth of diversity in the emerging startup landscape, especially with founders from minority groups, including East Asians. They are steadily gaining recognition for their groundbreaking ventures. This article will focus on startups founded by East Asians in the enterprise software industry, a field rapidly growing with the advent and continuous advancement of technology.

As a pioneer in both technological innovation and cultural diversity, Pretty Progressive is pleased to acknowledge these startups and their influential founders. We strongly believe that equal opportunities breed innovation, particularly when various perspectives and cultural backgrounds are involved. We hope to inspire more East Asians and diversity in the business world with these startups’ exceptional achievements and unique stories.


Searchlight, founded by Anna X. Wang and Kerry Wang, is a predictive talent platform that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to assist companies in improving their hiring efficiency and effectiveness. Based in San Francisco, their talent intelligence system puts people first, making hiring a win-win situation by understanding their talents better. They are actively involved in fields such as Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Business Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Machine Learning, Predictive Analytics, Recruiting, SaaS, and Software. Follow them on @searchlight_ai, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Established by founders Alfredo Jaldin and Miho Shoji, Moodbit is an innovative startup devoted to improving corporate culture and dynamics. They use AI to draw analytics from human interactions and behaviors, allowing managers to make data-driven decisions. Grounded in New York, Moodbit is progressing fast in the fields of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Enterprise Software, Human Resources, SaaS, and Software. Connect with them on @Moodbit1, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Roshi, founded by Celia Carter, Heidi Hudson and Jason West, offers a comprehensive platform that tracks and manages all business-critical data in one place specifically catered to cannabis manufacturers and distributors. Based in Oakland, California, this startup is gaining attention in the industry for its innovative approach to compliance, logistics and supply chain management. Follow them on Facebook and at LinkedIn.


Staat, founded by Amanda Sabreah, David Choe, and Paul Mun, creates tools that make tracking engineering progress easier, faster, and safer for everyone. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, they provide excellent automated reporting tools that visualize progress from developer tools like Github and Jira into one beautiful inbox. Follow them on @staathq and on LinkedIn.

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