Empowering Digital Media: East Asian Led Startups Transforming America

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As part of our ongoing series highlighting startups founded by minority groups, we turn our focus to East Asian-run enterprises breaking barriers in the digital media industry. These startups offer a diverse range of services, from dynamic digital advertising to ground-breaking blockchain technology and more. They are headed by innovative thinkers who are shaping the industry’s future with their unique vision and relentless drive.

In an era where digital media dominates a significant part of our lives, these forward-thinking startups are breaking barriers and challenging the status quo of the digital media landscape. Diversity and representation in the industry are pertinent as they foster innovation through different perspectives and ideas. Below are examples of such talent and creativity.

Let’s dive in and explore some game-changing startups that are not only excelling in their respective spheres but also contributing towards a more inclusive and progressive digital media industry.


Texas-based Chow-Bryant is a results-driven digital advertising and marketing agency that blends battle-tested techniques with cutting-edge channels. Co-founded by Chris(tina) Brady and Michael Bryant, the company helps businesses make data-driven decisions and strategize their path forward. Connect with them on @ChowBryantRocks, their Facebook page, and on LinkedIn.


San Francisco-based MakersPlace is an innovative platform for digital artists, leveraging blockchain technology to protect and sell unique digital creations. Founded by Dannie Chu, Ryoma Ito, and Yash Nelapati, this startup is reinventing how digital content creators capture value. Get involved with them via @makersplaceco, their Facebook page, and on LinkedIn.


New Jersey-based Kiswe connects at-home viewers with live events to create unforgettable social experiences. Focusing on broadcasting, digital media, and video streaming, founders Jeong Kim, Jimmy Lynn, and Wim Sweldens aim to revolutionize how live games and events are professionally produced and broadcast. Engage them on @kiswevideo, their Facebook page, and on LinkedIn.


Pico is a verticalized SaaS platform equipping entrepreneurs with tools and insights to monetize their social media audience. Co-founded by Jason Bade and Nick Chen in New York, the company is supporting the next generation of audience-driven marketing and commerce through its full suite of products and tools. Follow them on @Pico, their Facebook page, and on LinkedIn.


Totaling on the needs of 21st century musicians and audiences, California-based Virtuosica provides the tools, online venue, advice, recommendations, marketing, and standard technologies for musicians to reach audiences. Follow this startup founded by Danica Radisic, Teri Lee Hirano, and Warren E. Peterson on @virtuosica, on their Facebook page, and on LinkedIn.

Zane Venture Fund

Founded by Shila Nieves Burney, the Atlanta-based Zane Venture Fund seeks investments in early-stage companies led by diverse teams to scale their businesses. Keep up with them through their Twitter handle @zaneventurefund, their Facebook page, and on LinkedIn.

DIVE Studios

Based in Los Angeles, California, DIVE Studios creates impactful audio content to promote a positive cultural and societal impact. Find out more about the work of founder Brian Nam through their Twitter handle @thedivestudios, their Facebook page, and on LinkedIn.

STEAM Boston

Last but not least, STEAM Boston inspires and empowers students and professionals in the STEM fields by providing career advice and opportunities. Follow them on @steamboston, their Facebook page, and on LinkedIn.

Each of these startups represents the vision and tenacity of their founders, and we celebrate their contribution to a more inclusive and diverse digital media industry.

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