Empowering East Asian Founded American Information Services Innovations

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In our ongoing series highlighting startups founded by minority groups, today we’re showcasing the top East Asian-founded startups in the Information Services industry. These companies span across a diverse range of industries, from information technology to fintech, and all are trailblazing new paths in their respective fields. These startups prove that cultural diversity and business innovation go hand in hand, and we can’t wait to see what they do next.

KYOCERA Document Solutions Development America, Inc.

Founded by Kazuo Inamori, KYOCERA Document Solutions Development America, Inc. operates out of Concord, CA. The startup navigates the landscape of apps, computer, consulting, electronics, information services, information technology, professional services, and software.


Leverage tracks and manages supplier performance across your supply chain. The New York-based company, founded by Andrew Stroup and Nadav Ullman, operates in the Artificial Intelligence, Information Services, Information Technology, and Supply Chain Management industries. Follow them on their socials: @LVRG_AI, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Based in San Francisco and founded by Ayman C, Jay Willems and Yumi A. Kimura, LEAD introduces coworkers for virtual coffee, mentorship, buddy programs via Slack & Microsoft teams. Stay connected with LEAD via @leadapp_ai, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Threadloom, founded by Greg Hecht and Paul Lee, is on a mission to restore authenticity to the internet, starting with shopping. The Mountain View, CA-based startup operates in quite a handful of industries including Browser Extensions, Consumer Reviews, Email Marketing, Information Services, Internet, Shopping. To learn more about their unique approach, check out their website and follow them on @threadloom, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Christina Qi, Salt Lake City-based Databento provides metered, pay-as-you-go financial data. With data integrity and performance in mind, they are revolutionizing the Cloud Data Services, Financial Services, FinTech, Information Services, Information Technology, Market Research, Software industries. Follow them on @databentohq and LinkedIn.


Located in Houston, Texas, KwickPOS provides a browser-based POS system to help restaurant and retail owners. Follow them on their socials: @kwickpos, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Based in Marina Del Rey, California, Virtuosica caters to music lovers. Founders Danica Radisic, Teri Lee Hirano, and Warren E. Peterson are helping 21st-century musicians reach new and existing audiences. Check them out on @virtuosica, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


With PacerDash, lawyer, investor, journalist, and other professionals have a reliable alternative to PACER. Founded by Rich Lee and based in New York, they process millions of docket events daily. Stay up-to-date with them on @pacerdash and LinkedIn.

Twentyeight Health

Founders Amy Fan and Bruno Van Tuykom created Twentyeight Health to provide telemedicine, medication delivery, and care coordination. Follow the Brooklyn-based startup on @twenty8health, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Science On Call

Chicago-based Science On Call is a subscription-based tech support platform for restaurants. Founders Andy Freivogel, Ken Tsang, and Luisa Castellanos have created a one-stop solution for POS, internet, Wi-Fi, online ordering help. Follow them on @scienceoncall, Facebook, and LinkedIn.


Reserved.ai, founded by Aran Khanna, Daniel Christianto, and Nikhil Khanna, specializes in the fields of cloud cost optimization, reserved instances, dev ops, and finance. The Bellevue based startup’s software automates purchasing, renewing, and exchanging EC2 RIs and CRIs. Stay connected with them via @ArcheraAi, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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