Fupping Media announces the launch of a new platform to help UK consumers find the cheapest products

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Fupping Media today announced the launch of a new platform to help UK consumers find the cheapest products. The new product, named Frug.al, allows users to search for product categories and find the best in class and most affordable products. Developed by experienced company Fupping Media, the new product is fully functional and connects the user to the most competitive deals online.

Commented Nathaniel Fried, the co-founder of Fupping Media, “Our new product has been a real labour of love. Our team has been working on this idea for some time, ensuring we create the right platform to solve the problems we faced and we are really pleased with the result. We wanted to look at the biggest problems facing the marketplace and solve them with a different approach. For this reason, we hope our new platform can help consumers make better decisions on their choice of products and become better informed online shoppers”

Fupping Media is a new start-up from London. The company aims to make customers life easier by assisting them in finding the product they are looking for. The Frug.al tool helps consumers find the best deals in a very simple way. It offers a flexible search engine that gives the user the ability to easily find what they are looking for.

Nathaniel Fried added, “Consumers are not very good at decision making. They get stuck online with the limitless amount of information and deal that exist online. We simply want to take away the headache of finding the right products, we want to give our users a helping hand to do all of this in one place. We simplify the search for customers and allow them to have a stress free experience online”

The new platform will be available at Frug.al and work on any device and all browsers. Users can interact with their online search using the new platform by actually seeing a comparison of the most competitive prices for products they choose and can buy online instantly, saving them time and money.

Frug.al works like a search engine between suppliers and buyers.

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