Jason Biotin Conditioner Review

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Jason Biotin Conditioner Overview:

This cruelty free shampoo is full of natural and organic ingredients to strengthen and restore damaged hair. Biotin and Vitamin B5 thicken hair and revitalise elasticity, while Ginseng and lavender extracts repair split ends and minimize future breakage. The Restorative Biotin Shampoo from Jason is paraben, SLS and phthalate free to naturally clean and strengthen hair.

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Gently massage shampoo into wet hair and scalp, rinse and repeat where necessary. Follow with Jason Biotin Conditioner.

Jason Biotin Conditioner Review:

The thing with Jason Biotin Conditioner is that it is sulfate free and rather lightweight in texture that actually a lot of users with normal hair might have to use it twice to keep it sufficiently conditioned. Although we understand why is that, it could be quite concerning for those who take extra care of their hair and for those who have dry or damaged hair that needs moisturising a lot.

However the great part is that once it is applied there is a significant amount of benefits that one could expect from it. First of all, it leaves the hair soft and shiny and it tends to make it slicker and evidently clean.

What is more is that the conditioner is quite useful for hair that is naturally oily for those us with such hair, and it can control the overproduction of sebum in the scalp while also conditioning the roots well. There are some positive reviews mentioning that the hair is left even more manageable after the use of the conditioner and it makes it quite evident that the product is capable of revitalising the hair a lot.

Overall this conditioner can be highly recommended for users who use thick conditioner themselves (for example a deep conditioning mask every once in a while) and has a great collection of positive reviews on both sites that it has been reviewed on.


All in all, as you can tell, Jason Biotin Conditioner is a great conditioner for hair. It is sulphate free, lightweight, leaves the hair shiny and soft, revitalizes the hair and makes it easy to manage. A great pick for hair that is naturally oily or slightly dry.

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