Leading East Asian-founded Predictive Analytics Startups Shaping America’s Future

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The startup landscape is eternally dynamic and vibrant, with fresh and innovative ideas being brought to life each day. Where we’re interested in focusing today are startups that spring from East Asian founders, specifically in the Predictive Analytics industry. Predictive Analytics uses available data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning techniques to identify the likelihood of future outcomes based on historical data. This series aims to inform our readers about startups with significant potential and groundbreaking ideas – a reflection of the diverse minds that operate in the industry.

When it comes to East Asians, the imprint that they’ve made on the business world is impressive. Despite the often turbulent and uneven progress of representation in mainstream business circles, East Asian entrepreneurs continue to shape and impact various sectors, including Predictive Analytics, demonstrating resilience, innovation, and expertise. Hence, the aim of this article is to showcase some revolutionary startups founded by East Asian entrepreneurs operating in the Predictive Analytics industry.

These startups are interpreting data differently, reimagining approaches, and transforming the dynamics with their unique models. By underlining their achievements, Pretty Progressive hopes to inspire up-and-coming entrepreneurs, and further the conversation around diversity and inclusion in entrepreneurship.

Transparent Path spc

Based out of Seattle, Transparent Path is a seed-stage logistics startup in the predictive analytics industry. It provides real-time, end-to-end supply chain visibility to reduce waste, cost, and risk for the producers and purchasers of perishable goods. Founders Eric Weaver, Greg Lind, Lauren Adler, and Mark Kammerer have backgrounds in tech and social impact sectors. The startup’s social mission is to reduce food waste and hunger worldwide. They are using advanced technologies to provide the visibility necessary to manage the increased supply chain disruptions, ultimately reducing losses and improving trust. Transparent Path has created significant partnerships, including Intel, T-Mobile, and the University of Washington.
Follow them on Twitter @transparentpath or Linkedin TransparentPath.


From San Francisco, Searchlight is revolutionizing hiring efficiency and effectiveness with its Predictive Talent Platform. Founded by Anna X. Wang and Kerry Wang, Searchlight is dedicated to improving the hiring process by connecting candidate reference and self-assessment data to post-hire outcomes. They aim to make hiring a win-win for everyone by better understanding talent.
Follow them on Twitter @searchlight_ai, Facebook searchlightai or Linkedin Searchlight Technologies.

Sports Data Labs, Inc.

Also based in San Francisco, Sports Data Labs, Inc. (SD Labs) is pioneering the collection, analysis and distribution of real-time human data from on-body sensors. Founders Mark Gorski, Stan Mimoto, and Vivek Khare are operating in professional sports and digital health via their Human Data Marketplace™.
Follow them on Twitter @sportsdatalabs or Linkedin Sports Data Labs.


Staat, founded by Amanda Sabreah, David Choe, and Paul Mun in Atlanta, provides automated reporting tools that visualize progress from developer tools like Github and Jira into one beautiful inbox, thereby making tracking engineering progress easier, faster, and safer.
Follow them on Twitter @staathq or Linkedin StaatInc.


San Francisco-based Sperta, founded by Ming Fang and Yifu Diao, helps tech and financial services companies automate decision-making and manage various risks. Sperta focuses on utilizing rules, models, and data vendors to make real-time decisions.
Follow them on Twitter @spertainc or Linkedin Sperta.


MoBagel is a no-code AI platform providing data scientists with tools for designing and deploying AI solutions. The Santa Clara, CA-based startup is co-founded by Adms Chung, Iru Wang, and Ken Lin.
Follow them on Twitter @mobagel, Facebook mobagel or Linkedin MoBagel.

Advice Analytics, Inc.

Based out of San Diego, California, Advice Analytics, Inc., co-founded by Jerry Yen and Yashar Ahmadpour, is an AI and Automation service providing company that aims to secure the financial future of every day workers. They provide user-friendly AI and Automation to the retirement industry with proven experience in marketing, retirement, and analytics.
Follow them on Twitter @adviceanalytics, Facebook AdviceAnalytics or Linkedin Advice Analytics.

Accurate4cast, Inc.

Akucast is a revenue operation application operating on the Salesforce CRM platform. The Austin, Texas-based startup simplifies implementation and integration, providing teams with deep insights and giving executives quicker decision-making ability. Their startup is headed by the founder, Rick Ow.
Follow them on Twitter @akucast, Facebook Akucast or Linkedin Akucast.

The inspiring journey of these startups provides considerable motivation to upcoming entrepreneurs, encouraging them to forge a path of their own with unique ideas. As we celebrate these talented pioneers and their groundbreaking initiatives, Pretty Progressive continues to champion diversity in business, aiming at a more representatively inclusive entrepreneurial future. Stay tuned for the next installment in the series and more success stories from more exciting startups.

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