Leading East Asian Wholesale Startups Revolutionizing American Industry

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Here at Pretty Progressive, we believe in shining a spotlight on forward-thinking companies that are not only contributing to their industries but were also founded by individuals from diverse backgrounds. With this article, we hope to recognize the hard work and incredible ingenuity of East Asian startup founders in the wholesale industry, as a part of our series on minorities leading dynamic startups.

The startups we highlight today are not only leading the charge in revolutionizing their respective industries, but they also stand as beacons of inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs from minority groups. Their success stories underscore the importance of diversity in leadership for innovative thinking, problem-solving, and creative strategy.

Without further ado, let’s dive into the unique business models, growth strategies, and visions of these top East Asian founded startups in the wholesale industry and celebrate their impressive achievements.

Otaku Lamps

Based in Los Angeles, Otaku Lamps is an innovative company that capitalizes on the increasing popularity of anime culture. This startup has worked to build relationships with some of the top IP holders in the Japanese and Korean animation industries, including Crunchyroll, Funimation, and VIZ Media. It’s interesting to see how this startup has found a gap in the market, creating an entirely new product line of collectible LED lighting products for anime fans. Find more about them on Linkedin and Facebook, and engage with their community on Twitter @otakulamps.


Spearheaded by a team of ex-Uber Eats pioneers, Pepper is a New York-based startup that envisions digitizing the food supply chain. Their e-commerce platform presents an instrumental mechanism for food distributors to discover new customers, deepen existing relationships, and enhance operational efficiency. Find out more about them on Facebook, or check out their Linkedin page to connect with them professionally.


Another leader in the e-commerce space, Boxed is the brainchild of four ambitious East Asian founders. Providing a streamlined and membership-free way for consumers to access their favorite warehouse club products, Boxed has swiftly risen to the forefront of the industry since its establishment in 2013. To engage with the company, follow them on Twitter or Facebook, or check them out on Linkedin.


Los Angeles-native startup, Brandboom, is turning heads in the wholesale industry by revolutionizing the traditional B2B commerce approach. Not only do they provide cloud-based line sheets, ordering, and invoicing tools, but also their platform facilitates matches for brands and retailers using AI. Learn more about them on Facebook and catch their updates on Twitter @brandboom.


Guided by its transformative vision, MamaP is not just any other New York-based startup. Its intuitive objective of promoting healthy living, ensuring environment sustainability, and giving back to the communities sets it apart. Giving a new spin to personal and home-care, MamaP is a true embodiment of purpose-led business. You can learn more about their journey on Facebook, or check out their Linkedin page.


Last, but not least, SPINOZA Eyecare has made a mark in the eyewear industry with its quality eyewear that champions comfort and durability. Beyond being just an eyewear company, their commitment to using business profits to fund cataract surgeries is something to be lauded and learned from. Their impressively lightweight eyewear is created with top-tier technology and lenses from the industry’s stalwarts. Connect with them via their Linkedin page or give them a like on Facebook.

As we continue to celebrate and encourage diversity in the startup space, we hope to continue this series by spotlighting more minority-founded companies in the future.

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