The 22 Most Empowering Books For Young People

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These books are packed full of lessons that school just doesn’t teach you from positive thinking to the habits of successful people. Catering for a variety of ages and  purposes, there’s something empowering for everyone, take a look below. 

Empowering Youth by Kelly Curtis

This product was recommended by Muhammad Mateen Khan from PureVPN

Offering indispensable advice to anyone seeking to integrate empowerment into their youth work, this guide demonstrates how youth leaders, teachers, peer program advisors, adults who work with teens and adolescents, and any professional organization with a youth focus can foster leadership qualities in youth. Motivating examples are combined with activities, and reproducible self-assessment checklists to aid individuals and groups in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses in their efforts to empower youth. The tips included can be used in one-on-one situations, in groups, and in structured programs, and have been tested in varied circumstances, including youth programs, communities, classrooms, and faith-based organizations. The importance of being valued by the community, treating youth as a valued resource, service to others, and ensuring safety are examined, and ideas for cultivating an environment conducive to empowerment are also discussed.

The Power of Positive Thinking by Dr. Norman Vincent Peale

This product was recommended by Noman Asghar from Fan Jackets

He explains the power of self believe and positive thinking that are crucial for anyone to achieve the goals. It is good to believe yourself from the young age because at this stage everyone determine their goals so it’s the must have book for youth.

Esperanza Rising by Pam Muñoz Ryan

This product was recommended by Courtney L. Jewett from Center Yourself Therapy

Esperanza Rising is a captivating coming-of-age novel about a girl, Esperanza, who faces hardships and obstacles during her youth. The book is set during the Great Depression and follows Esperanza’s story of immigrating to the U.S. from Mexico. The novel is a great choice for a multicultural collection and resonates today, as the treatment and rights of immigrants continues to be an important social topic. Young people and adults alike tend to enjoy this novel as it follows the life of the young girl who overcomes obstacles, grows, and finds hope, just as her name represents.

Luna, Yes!/Luna, ¡Sí! by Jessica Gonzalez

This product was recommended by Yael R Rosenstock Gonzalez from Kaleidoscope Vibrations

Jessica Gonzalez’s book invites you to meet two Latina sisters, one of whom has autism, through a colorful and relatable children’s book. Unlike most representations of autism which use savant white males, Luna represents a Latin girl who is partially verbal offering a window into different forms of communication and connection that will be relatable for some people and families with people on the spectrum while educational for others. The book showcases the strong bond the sisters share while being honest about how Luna interacts with her surroundings.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey

This product was recommended by Amber DiPietro from PravasanaYoga

This book helps youth and teens navigate their emotions, understand action vs consequence, gives tools to develop healthy relationships with self and others, as well as effective strategies to becoming successful and setting goals.

How to Win Friends & Influence People by Dale Carnegie

This product was recommended by Lesley Reynolds from Harley Street Skin Clinic

One of the qualities that stick out about me to help others and make friends is that I never single out someone even though they’re incorrect. This is always more necessary to show yourself right than contradict others in front of others. I think it’s all vanity and confidence after reading this novel, wanting to show that you are stronger or that you know more. Also if people are incorrect, let them have their moment. They would actually figure out some time after that they were incorrect and that you were correct and they would appreciate you so they don’t rat them out. It’s an experience I’m bringing with me.

To Break or Bounce by Shelley Plumb

This product was recommended by Shelley Plumb from DrShelleyPlumb

To Break or Bounce is an empowering resource for readers of all ages. The underlying theme is this groundbreaking book is that we can either break under the weight of life’s challenges or we can bounce back and thrive! The action in Shelley Plumb’s powerful story of rediscovery and emotional healing takes place over the course of a single day the day of her grandmother’s funeral. As she wanders her grandmother’s property, a place where she spent much of her childhood, the author is inundated with vivid memories. Reflecting back on the major events of her life, Plumb comes to terms with a painful truth: Her responses to those events, combined with a relentless drive to push herself harder and harder, have left her feeling totally lost, unmoored, and without a clear vision of who she is. We follow her as she relives real-life events from the past from her mother’s shocking and sudden death when Plumb was a child to divorce, sexual harassment, her grandmother’s death, and the delicate balance between being a professional woman and a wife and mother. Her reflections also bring forth important realizations about the foundations we build our lives on. If they are not solid, says Plumb, we won’t be able to handle stresses when they come our way.

The Education of Millionaires by Michael Ellsberg

This product was recommended by Bruce Harpham from BruceHarpham

I was initially reluctant to read this book because it points out the flaws in college. Personally, I tremendously enjoyed my university and graduate school experience. However, I agree with this book’s emphasis on success skills like sales and networking. The book focuses on seven success skills you need to learn how to achieve success in the real world. Success skill #2 is about networking and connecting with mentors. Ellsberg points out that there are always ways you can add value to other people, even if you are a student or lack connections yourself. Success skills #3 is about marketing and how to teach yourself this critical skill. For example, Ellsberg points out that you can achieve tremendous results by joining the email lists of successful companies and deconstructing their approach. The book is so good that I read it once in Kindle and twice more in audiobook format.

Master Your Destiny by Thibaut Meurisse

This product was recommended by Rorie Devine from GRO.TEAM

This self help book is one of several from the collection by Thibaut Meurisse. It is the most relevant to the youth of today. These books will help empower young adolescents into realising their own potential and help you reach a higher level of achievement. This one book in particular really impacted my life for the better when I was growing up. It has opened my mind and helped me to realise that I am not the only one who benefits from my change; my positive change will help those I am around too.

I’m Worth More by Rob Moore

This product was recommended by Adam Korbl from IFax App

This book is a must read for everyone in particular younger adults. It helps you realize what is holding you back from your true potential. Reading it early on in your life stops you wasting your potential from day 1 and you won’t be rueing all the missed opportunities. We all know how to love somebody, but we don’t know how to love and value ourselves fully. This book isn’t the easiest to get into, but after a few pages I was hooked. This insightful book is liberating and packed full of wisdom that will stay with people for years to come.

Empowering Book by E Bold

This product was recommended by Ethan Taub from Goalry

This book does exactly what it says on the tin, and that is empowering. This book takes aim at the young culture and looks to provide you with enough willpower to master all the things you would like to change or strengthen. Teens growing into adulthood often lack strength and confidence – this book helps counteract that by giving you the confidence so that nothing will stand in the way of your fulfilment. This book also has a section on health eating too, so it’s really a two for one book. Bargain.

The Ultimate Self-Esteem Workbook for Teens by Megan MacCutcheon LPC

This product was recommended by Yaniv Masjedi from Nextiva

A person’s self-esteem is at the most delicate during their youth. This book helps teens navigate through their self-doubt and insecurities by empowering them to become confident with themselves. The tips are straightforward and actionable, making it easy for readers to practice the exercises themselves without adult supervision. There is also situational content that helps readers connect the book’s learnings with their lives to make the teachings faster to digest.

Real World Mindfulness for Beginners by Brenda Salgado

This product was recommended by Jeremy Ong from HUSTLR

It’s one of the most important self-help books for youth. It’s simple and easy to read, easy to understand, and most importantly it includes effective tips that easy to follow and practice in daily life. Meanwhile, its simplicity discusses adequately different sides of mindfulness and the steps you need to take to implement them in daily situations; and guess what! that’s what youth need, simple, helpful, and easy to apply self-help book!

Live Fearless by Sadie Robertson

This product was recommended by Sonya Schwartz from Her Norm

As the title of the book suggests, the author discussed here how to conquer one’s fear, remove all the worries, and live the life that was meant for us without thinking of other people’s negativities on our actions. I chose this book as the most empowering must-read for youths and young adults because our teen years are the first phase where we try to question everything and find where we fit it. But knowing the society that we live in, our excitements on pursuing our dreams and plans are often tainted and influenced by the norms and unequal judgments created by people who were once like us. Later on, we became filled with anxieties that hinder us in showing out our truest form but this book will help anyone, not only youths, to heal from them.

I AM… Positive Affirmations for Brown Boys

This product was recommended by Nicole Garcia from Most Craft

It’s tough finding good books for boys, but even more so for little brown boys. This book steps up to the late and offers positive encouragement and empowers them to embrace who they are.

Be Your Own Hero by Lisa King

This product was recommended by Nicole Garcia from Most Craft

We got this book for our son and he absolutely loves it. You can physically see the difference it makes in his personality, demeanor, and attitude towards life.

I Am Confident, Brave & Beautiful by Hopscotch Girls

This product was recommended by Nicole Garcia from Most Craft

Not just a book to read, but also one to color and explore their creative imagination. My daughter loves this book.

Empowering Youth by Kelly Curtis MS

This product was recommended by Werner Jorgensen from HeatXperts ApS

Empowering youth is the most inspirational book in which the Author Kelly Curtiz demonstrates how youth leaders, teachers, peer program advisors, and any professional organization with a youth focus can foster leadership qualities in youth. The book contains motivating examples that are combined with activities and reproducible checklists to aid individuals and groups in evaluating their strengths and weaknesses in their efforts to empower youth.

Empowered YOUth by Michael Eisen

This product was recommended by CJ Xia from Boster Biological Technology

Empowered Youth is an inspirational story of a Father and Son who share their struggles that life brings and how they succeeded in overcoming them. Authur Michael and Jeffery Eisen provide an excellent perspective on how parents and children can work together to empower each other by opening the channel of communication and dissolving fear. The book is also guidance for parents, young people educators and anyone seeking a more empowered life.

Women in Science by Rachel Ignotofsky

This product was recommended by Dave Pedley from Your Cub

I love books that you can pick up and read bits and pieces of, without having to commit to following the plot from beginning to end. Don’t get me wrong, novels have their place, but these books are great for bedtime or when hanging out with the fam. This book is inspirational and can be enjoyed by anyone.

This Book Is Anti-Racist by Tiffany Jewell

This product was recommended by Dave Pedley from Your Cub

This is a great option to open a discussion about race, the Black Lives Matter movement and more with your kids. It might help your kids understand racism better and figure out ways they can be allies during this time.

The Success Principles for Teens by Jack Canfield

This product was recommended by Dave Pedley from Your Cub

It’s never too early to start discussing motivation and determination, goal setting, etc. with your young ones. This book can help you do that.

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