Tips for Getting Noticed at a Trade Show

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Tips for Getting Noticed at a Trade Show

Trade shows are great opportunities to grow in your chosen industry. You can introduce your business, products, and services to those interested and network with other people in your industry. However, with so many businesses from the same industry in one place, it’s hard to stand out. Keep reading for tips on getting noticed at a trade show so that you can catch the eyes of the right people.

Set Up Chairs

Most trade shows feature tables and booths set around a large space with few seating options. If the trade show is part of a conference or in a multi-use building, there’s probably some space to sit down somewhere, but it’s usually not close. Setting up chairs and offering passersby a place to sit will pull in lots of people who might not have originally stopped. Give them time to rest before starting a casual conversation about your business. They’ll appreciate the seat enough to listen, but you don’t want to overwhelm them. Just offer enough information to build interest, and then let them lead the conversation.

Keep Your Table Active

Don’t just let people wander through the trade show and glance at your table. Make your table an active space that draws people in. Set up an impressive display that people will want to take pictures of and with. Offer contests throughout the day at the table or through social media. Hold product demonstrations, and use the gathered audience in the demonstration so that they’re not just silent onlookers. Whatever you do, engage with people so that they’ll want to learn more about you and your business.

Hand Out Unique Business Cards

Everyone at the trade show will probably have business cards, so how can they help you get noticed? The tips above will encourage people to take your business card. But to create an impression that goes beyond your table, you need to make your business cards unique. Add aesthetic elements, such as foil business cards, that’ll catch the eye when they first see them and when they’re on their desk at home. Make the card interactive with a QR code they can explore whenever they want. There are many other options for making your business cards unique, so explore them to find the one that works best for your business.

Trade shows are a great opportunity for you to grow your network and share more about what you do. While many businesses find it difficult to stand out from their competition at trade shows, a helpful setup, lots of activity, and unique hand outs will help you do just that. The more you go to trade shows, the more you’ll learn how to use them to your advantage, so visit as many as you can.

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