Trailblazing East Asian-founded Content Industry Startups Transforming American Landscape

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The landscape of the startup industry has been globally diverse, and the rise in East Asian-owned startups has taken a significant chunk of the industry spotlight — particularly those in the content industry. These innovative companies have found their footing in various niches, from advertising and app marketing to mobile apps and digital marketing. Whether they’re offering state-of-the-art marketing solutions or developing intuitive applications, there’s no denying the impact they’re making on today’s digital-driven society. As part of our celebration of diversity this month, let’s explore these East Asian-founded startups that exhibit excellent passion and dedication in innovating the content industry.


Based in Chicago, Illinois, SWIDIA specializes in advertising, app marketing, content creation, and digital marketing. Founded by Frank Jiang and Jack Chen, the startup company aims to scale consumer startups, already helping growth-stage startups reach unicorn status and raise over $300M in total VC funding. They offer cross-channel performance marketing optimized for user acquisition, a creative studio, and growth advisory to meet both growth and brand needs. Know more about them through their website and LinkedIn.

Creator Nova

Creator Nova, located in San Francisco, California, is a startup co-founded by James Tong and Mark Fleming. It operates mainly in the advertising, B2B, beauty, content creation, e-commerce, and marketplace industry. For updates on their development, check their website and LinkedIn page.

Aura Health

A startup focusing on alternative medicine, consumer, content discovery, healthcare, mobile apps, personal health, and wellness services, Aura Health was established in San Francisco, California by Daniel Lee and Steve Lee. They offer a digital wellness ecosystem providing personalized content & community from therapists & coaches. Visit their website, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for more information.


Pico is an all-in-one SaaS platform based in New York, founded by Jason Bade and Nick Chen. They provide tools and insights to entrepreneurs to convert their social media audiences into businesses. You can explore more about their products and tools on their website, Facebook page, Twitter account, and LinkedIn.


Founded by Jon Strom and Sang Lee and based in Brooklyn, New York, SaaS company Thine provides pre-hiring assessments for modern law firms. If you’re interested in what they offer, you can check out their website, Twitter account, and LinkedIn page.


Pivvt is a startup focusing on communities, content creators, crowdfunding, and publishing, founded by Emiko Dodson and John Dodson. They are situated in South Jordan, Utah. Check them out on their website and LinkedIn.


Immigo, founded by Chelsea Jeon and Ryan Jeon in San Francisco, California, caters to communities, content creators, EdTech, and Information Technology. It serves 1.5B English learners worldwide with a peer-to-peer approach that promotes effective learning at low costs. Get to know them through their website and LinkedIn

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