Trailblazing East Asian-Founded Marketing Startups Revolutionizing American Industry

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There is an increasing number of East Asian Founded startups making groundbreaking strides in the marketing industry. While they’re inherently diverse in terms of specializations – from Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, to creative Agency services – one commonality is clear: they are all using innovation and creative problem-solving to disrupt traditional means of marketing.

These startups rely on novel technology, strategic acumen and creative excellence to provide uniquely efficient, accessible and effective marketing solutions to a myriad of industries. The fact that they are founded by underrepresented minorities only elevates their significance – they’re not just industry innovators, but are also overcoming societal barriers to champion diversity and equality within the tech sector.

In this article, we take a magnifying glass to these startups, highlighting their vision, operations, and contributions to the industry. Here, we present you with a compilation of some of the top East Asian Founded startups, propelling the marketing industry into uncharted territories.

<Startup: Track Revenue>

Track Revenue, an startup based in San Francisco, California, takes pride in crafting the best campaign management platform designed for the present-day and future online marketers. Using machine learning, Track Revenue endeavors to optimize online campaigns for mobile and web audiences. Meet the ingenious creators – Brian Chiu and Eric Yip. Check their website

, follow them on Facebook, or connect on LinkedIn.

<Startup: Conviva>

Conviva, located in Foster City, California, is developing a leading global streaming analytics platform with census-level real-time measurements. With its patented platform, Conviva enables teams to acquire, engage, and retain their audiences. The founders, Hui Zhang and Ion Stoica, guide Conviva’s ambition to help streaming businesses outpace the competition. Find out more from their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or follow them on Twitter.

<Startup: SWIDIA>

Based in Chicago, Illinois, SWIDIA focuses on scaling consumer startups with innovative acquisition and retention tactics. Founders Frank Jiang and Jack Chen utilize their expertise in cross-channel performance marketing to help startups reach new growth milestones. Learn more on their website and through their LinkedIn profile.

<Startup: OAK THEORY>

OAK THEORY, based in New York, New York, is a multi-speciality startup that builds brands, products, and unique experiences. Founders Hannah Ryu and Veronica Shelton use creative problem-solving to drive business growth. Learn more about their progressive approach through their website, Facebook page or LinkedIn profile.

<Startup: Chow-Bryant>

Chow-Bryant, located in Houston, Texas, is a marketing agency that leverages advanced techniques and cutting-edge channels to guide audience and client growth. Founders Chris(tina) Brady and Michael Bryant combine robust data insights with bespoke strategies for each business to ensure growth. Catch a glimpse of their philosophy on their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, or Twitter account.

<Startup: MailMonitor>

Rounding up our list is MailMonitor based in Salem, New Hampshire. Founders Adrian Patel-Delaloye and Chris Maeda utilize advanced analytics to improve inbox deliverability in email marketing. Check them out on their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter account.

<Startup: Mighty K Marketing & Strategy>

Based in Kailua, Hawaii, Mighty K Marketing & Strategy, now known as StartUp Studios LLC, was formed by Christopher Kim, Erin Griffith, Kimberly Rottas, and Saif Akhtar. Their variety of services in B2B, marketing, lead generation, and more can be explored from their website, Facebook page, or LinkedIn profile.

<Startup: MakersPlace>

MakersPlace, based in San Francisco, California, empowers digital creators through their blockchain-powered platform. The startup was found by Dannie Chu, Yash Nelapati, and Ryoma Ito. Learn more about them through their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter account.

<Startup: MoBagel>

Santa Clara, California-based startup MoBagel offers a no-code AI platform empowering various stakeholders to design and deploy AI solutions. Founders, Adms Chung, Iru Wang, and Ken Lin, are driving the startup towards success. Reach them on their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter account.

<Startup: Advice Analytics, Inc.>

Advice Analytics, Inc., located in San Diego, California, offers AI and Automation to the retirement industry. Their services include email AI marketing, predictive compliance testing, etc. Jerry Yen, and Yashar Ahmadpour are the significant contributors to this startup. Follow their proceedings on their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter account.

<Startup: Threadloom>

Based in Mountain View, California, Threadloom is instrumental in restoring authenticity to the Internet, primarily for shopping. Founders Greg Hecht and Paul Lee emphasize raw products reviews to reach their consumers. Reach them through their website, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile or Twitter account.


These startups, founded on principles of innovation and risk-taking, are truly reinventing the marketing industry. Their growth is not merely a testament of their ability to perceive and fulfill market needs, but also embodies the diversity that sparks unique thought, disrupting the way business is done. As we take great honor in celebrating them today, we look forward to witnessing their future endeavors in revolutionizing their respective niches – and the marketing industry as a whole.

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