Where to Find Maternity Clothes for Every Occasion

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Newly expecting mothers have a lot of exciting changes to plan for throughout their pregnancy. While planning out the logistics of taking a leave from work, who will watch your house when you are delivering or which room to use for a nursery, you may find yourself with a long to-do list. As if dealing with the actual symptoms of pregnancy like morning sickness and fatigue isn’t enough, you also may be worrying about the physical changes that will happen to your body. With so much to consider, you may find yourself starting to show without appropriate wardrobe options to accommodate your growing baby. If you are cringing at the thought of wearing some oversized floral smock, fear not, maternity clothing has come a long way. No matter what your lifestyle is, there are fantastic clothing options for every occasion for every stage of pregnancy. We’ve compiled everything you need to know about purchasing maternity clothing so you can focus on all the other exciting aspects of having a baby.

Splurge Vs Save

Some expecting mothers hesitate to invest in maternity clothing because of the limited time they can use these items for. Even if you plan on having another pregnancy, styles change quickly. While this is not unfounded in some situations, there are a few pieces that we recommend investing in early on in your pregnancy. These are items that are timeless and will carry you through the entirety of your pregnancy as well as postpartum. These will be the basics that you will build your maternity wardrobe around. A great one-stop shop for stylish and functional clothes is Hatch collection maternity. They have a wide range of options for every occasion that will easily fit into your personal style. Here are some of the basics that we recommend picking up from them:


We cannot stress this one enough. Having a good pair of maternity jeans is the first step you should take when building your wardrobe. Maternity jeans typically replace the normal button and zipper waistband with a stretchy fabric that will grow with you. This makes them a great investment piece for the early stages of your pregnancy. If this is your first baby, you may not realize that your belly usually won’t disappear completely once you deliver. Most women get months of postpartum use out of their maternity jeans. We especially like Hatch’s take on maternity jeans due to their innovative designs. They include the elastic just on the seams rather than around the whole waistband so the jeans can be worn with a variety of different tops. They also have a variety of styles and fits, even jean shorts and overalls. This one is definitely worth the investment.

Work Clothes

If you are working in-office for the duration of your pregnancy, we also recommend investing in a few good business pieces. Their Beckett trouser, similar to their jeans, has an adjustable waistband that can be paired with just about any top. Button downs can often be tricky though pregnancy so picking up a classic button down or two can be great for professional or business casual workplaces. Once you have a couple good pieces, you can pair them with looser fitting non-maternity tops or secondhand items that are thrifted or from friends.

Special Occasions

There is a good chance that at some point during your nine-month pregnancy you will have an event to attend. Whether it’s a friend’s wedding or your own baby shower, if you are somewhere where pictures will be taken, you’re going to want to look your best. Pregnancy is a special time, and you’ll want to look back on pictures of this time fondly and not wishing you had planned out your outfit a bit better. For that reason, this is an item we recommend splurging on. Hatch’s maternity dresses are far from the horrifying floral smocks that you may be picturing when you think of maternity wear. They have a variety of styles and lengths at different levels of formality. You can pick up a loose, breezy sundress for you baby shower or something silky and stylish that shows off your bump for your friend’s wedding.

Bonus Pieces

Once you have some good basics to work with, what you do with the rest of your wardrobe is entirely up to you! Depending on your body and current wardrobe options, many women can get away with wearing many of their looser fitting tops and dresses well into their second trimester. It can also be fun to purchase some fun trendy pieces. For these items we highly recommend buying second hand or even asking a friend who is done having kids if they have any pieces they are willing to part with. This is a great option for women that have found themselves with little to nothing they can wear in their current wardrobe. You can acquire an entire new wardrobe for your pregnancy without breaking the bank this way. Mixing and matching is also key here to make it seem as though you have more options than you do.

Don’t forget jewelry and handbags that already exist in your wardrobe can be a great way to change up outfits when you have limited pieces. The same thing goes for standard jackets as you can wear them open to prolong their wearability through your pregnancy. The same outfit with a different jacket can form an entirely different look.

Look Good, Feel Good

It can be hard to watch your body go through so many rapid changes, but don’t let body insecurity ruin one of the best times of your life. You’re creating a new life and that’s amazing, but it can be hard to get insecurity completely out of your head. Having clothes that fit well and make you feel confident is a small thing you can do for yourself to help you focus on the important things, like your new baby! Invest in yourself so you can feel as good as you look!

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