7 Empowering Poetry Books to Read When You’re Feeling Down

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This article showcases our top picks for the best ‘Empowering Poetry Books’. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). 

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Finding solidarity in heartbreak, anxiety & depression by Lynn Moore

This product was recommended by Lynn Moore from N/A

When you’re you’re going through a breakup, it’s easy to feel alone and disconnected from those around you. You feel like you’re the only one who has gone through this and that no one understands your pain. This book of poetry helps express your feelings and go through the grieving process with a guide, someone who has felt it all before. These poems turn your pain into beautiful words that perfectly express what you’re going through to tell you that what you’re feeling is normal and that you’ll come out of this stronger than ever.

Rhyme-Less Rhythm by Jen Mayes

This product was recommended by Nathalia N. Cruz from N/A

A Poetry Rhyme-Less Rhythm is a collection of poems where she bares her soul. Love, Lust, Loss. You will gain insight into the way I see the world and the way I feel the world sees me. Remnants of a turbulent upbringing and odes to those that have made my heart flutter.

The Girl Behind the Mask by Altimese Nichole

This product was recommended by Nathalia Cruz from N/A

As black women, we are taught to be twice as good, show no sign of weakness, and never let them see you cry. Carry the pain from the generational curses you now bare because of what your ancestors endured.

The Strength in Our Scars by Bianca Sparacino

This product was recommended by Colin Matthews from Cookwared

We all have scars in life. However, some people don’t how to move past those scars and this holds them back from accomplishing their dreams and purpose in life. This poetry book reminds you of your inner strength when you feel weak. It offers you a guide to healing past pain and learning to love yourself.

Inward by Yung Pueblo

This product was recommended by Vince Massara from The PodCast Digest

This poetry book is really empowering, its pages full of wisdom, and insightful thoughts. What makes this book unique, that you can read this book in one sitting, but you will notice that, you will stop at each sentence, read, sigh, and contemplate the thoughts. Moreover, the words of this book are peaceful and comforting for the mind and soul and you will feel that all negatives thoughts and feelings will fade away. I think this is the kind of poetry book that we need these days!

When No One Is Watching by Linathi Makanda

This product was recommended by Linathi Makanda from Odyssey Books

When No One Is Watching is a compilation of poems about love and the loss thereof, trauma, and the dark reflections that come with it. It is a depiction of sides that people don’t readily show, sides of vulnerability, insecurity, and tiny amounts of hope. One could say it is the result of shedding light into a world of secrecy, escapism, an alternate reality belonging to an alternate version of an individual. Within the embrace of sisterhood, a sustaining solidarity and resilience is found..

Charlotte, Wander On. by Matt Cubberly

This product was recommended by Matt Cubberly from The WilderWay Books

A poetry book that empowers young girls, it tells the story of a young girl on a journey to save her little brother.

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