A List Of Empowering Books For Women

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We know what it’s like to hit a point in life where you just need a spark of motivation—but thankfully there are plenty of female-penned books that can give you just that. (It’s ok, everyone needs a little prompting sometimes.) Their authors range from journalists to social scientists to doctors, and even Pulitzer Prize and Nobel Peace Prize winners (goals). There’s no lack for inspiring women out there.

Reasons For Women Empowerment

The WMD system is the acronym for the Women’s Marketing Movement which is entirely focused on women. It is the all-female collective based in the US which is a participant in the mentorship program of our company. Founded in 2000, the group is made of extraordinary women who work together in support of one another. Within the group, women promote their businesses, share marketing tips, seek advice and support, and empower one another to succeed.

The WMD believes in actively and continuously educating the market, and through their immense connections across the globe, have garnered numerous articles, resources and educational materials. The WMD’s goal is to create a kinder and gentler business environment for women to thrive in—a fitting reason why we’ve given them and their work with women this year’s Global Women’s History Day.

Steps Needed To Help Women Empower Themselves

1. Groups That Support Women Empowerment

The Women Business Mentoring Initiative is a pioneering Ghanaian initiative designed to mentor women entrepreneurs. The Women Business Mentoring Initiative (WBMI) is a large-scale social impact project helping to deliver a new social dividend in Ghana, by mentoring women business owners across Ghana to become profitable enterprises.

The Initiative is an exciting partnership between Laureate International Universities and NGO, Guiding Star, to create a high impact programme that empowers female entrepreneurs and contributes to prosperity in Ghana.

WBMI is a three year programme, that will reach 500 women entrepreneurs across Ghana. The project is being piloted in two regions – north and south Ghana – with the social enterprises created in the project areas – furniture and fashion – becoming the initial launch products of the WBMI. The programme is supported by Chinese Development Bank, EDGE Impact Investments and Coca Cola Foundation. To promote gender equity in the country, it’s also been initiated in partnership with the Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ashanti Region to institute change for women in the country.

Ghana’s Woman Empowerment Challenge“The social investment agenda of the WBMI is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. It is a truly inter-sectoral programme that focuses on providing women with business training, mentoring and support, financial education, savings and financing opportunities, and community engagement. These interventions are designed to help women combat economic disparities by building capacity to start and run their own enterprises.”

2. Empowerment Tips and Advice for Women

Realistically speaking, you will probably not kick out your ego overnight. We’ve all been raised to believe that we are the centre of the earth, so it’s okay to be a little full of ourselves, sometimes. A major key to entrepreneurial success is empowering yourself: it’s time to let go of any excuses you have about the way you look, what you can / can’t do, what you want / can’t have, etc.

When we encounter negative thoughts about ourselves or our circumstances, we need to be able to recognise them for what they are: negative, discouraging, and untrue. These are the demons you need to try to ‘outrun’ during your run: the negative thoughts and self-doubt that wave their ugly heads in.

There will come a time when your inner voice doesn’t rain on your parade, and that is a great time to celebrate. While the demons never truly go away, they will lose their power over you if you can learn to actively combat them before they can take hold of your thoughts. You have the power to stop them dead in their tracks if you understand what you are truly capable of and, by that, I mean –

1. Who you are, what you want, and how you want to be treated.

2. What you can do / offer to others based on your skill set and experience.

3. Whether or not you’re going to go out there and get what you want or sit back and whine about it.

The WMD believe that empowerment is not limited to ideas that encourage equality, fairness, and justice in the market place—power is a key to reach these noble ends. When you see women empowered, you stand in solidarity with them and their ideas. Whether you are a young girl or a grandmother who is helping to build a better future for the children of the next generation, you have the power to move forward.

Be clear about your objectives, have a language to state them, and walk the talk. Be good to yourself, get what you need, and see yourself as entitled to it.

Don’t be afraid to assert yourself and be more in charge of your own destinies.

3. Empowering Women Worldwide

This is why we love The WMD. Their mission is to empower women in business, in their personal lives, and in their communities. They believe in supporting other women through a group mentorship program that shares marketing tips, cross-promotional opportunities, business advice, and the importance of supporting one another at all times.

The WMD started 15 years ago, when two American women sought to create a safe place for female entrepreneurs to network and learn from one another. Since then, the group has grown to a membership community of a few thousand women in professions ranging from PR to accounting to marketing to wellness. The Women’s Marketing Movement Women continue to meet regularly in the US and beyond. During these meetings, women come together to connect, learn, be inspired, and empower each other to succeed, and they teach each other marketing tips, trends, and information.

For the past two years, the Women’s Marketing Movement has brought their empowering and supportive knowledge and skills from the US markets, to women across the globe. During Women’s History Month in 2017, they hosted the first Women’s Empowerment Forum in Ghana, partnering with Laureate International University. The event was a huge success, reaching over 120,

Pussy By Regena Thomashauer

This product was recommended by Natalie Surmeli from Tribe of Wolves

“Pussy” reminds women that we have an internal compass – one that is always there to guide us, give us pleasure and return us to our innate wildness. This amazing guide, your jewel down-under is …yes…I’m gonna day it…your PUSSY. Regena Thomashauer snatches back OUR word from the depths of darkness, resurrects it, and places it on a bed of red, delicious velvet. If you are feeling numb and need to be reminded of your innate juice, read this book. NOW.

Bossypants by Tina Fey

This product was recommended by Mia Clarke from Invert Pro

This book is a mixture of exciting, funny, passionate and occasionally embarrassing experiences that we all probably had once in our lives. After reading this book it naturally feels like some things are just meant to be experienced and without them growing into amazing women as we are today wouldn’t have been this satisfying.

Educated by Tara Westover

This product was recommended by Marie Buharin from Modernesse

I found this book incredibly empowering as it demonstrates the unrelenting determination of women. In the book, Tara tells her story of growing up in rural Idaho where her survivalist Mormon parents do not believe in formal schooling. She vividly describes her journal from rural Idaho and teaching herself basic math to obtaining a PhD from Cambridge University. Her pursuit of education while overcoming her challenging upbringing is incredibly inspiring. Unlike her older brother, who also escaped his upbringing to obtain higher education, Tara faces some very specific challenges as a woman. Reading Tara’s story will empower all women to face their challenges head-on and pursue their passions.

You Are a Badass by Jen Sincero

This product was recommended by Jolinda Smithson from Shapes & Colors

The author encourages readers to work on mindset and to seek practices that will lead to personal growth, but in the most real, funny and raw way. She shares her own stories of trying it all and provides us with the best suggestions, while remaining completely real and practical throughout. I had so many “aha” moments throughout this book and have re-read chapters and re-listened to the book several times.

Come As You Are by Emily Nagoski

This product was recommended by Ro Sanchez from She.Slips

As an intimacy coach and certified sexpert, I highly recommend this book because not only is it deeply insightful, but Emily breaks down all the sex education fundamentals in such an effortless way that you have no other choice but to just “get it.” Emily’s book is said to take your sex life to the next level – I back that statement up 1000%. This book is a must read!

The Flowering Woman by Q Gibson

This product was recommended by Q. Gibson from QGibson

This is a book about love, healing, womanhood, and beautifully written to soothe and tend to the hearts of women.

Tree of Lives by Elizabeth Garden

This product was recommended by Hillary Jones from Tree of Lives

An epic journey of female triumph over unaddressed family and societal trauma, Tree of Lives is an inspiring, authentic read for any woman caught in a cycle of abuse from narcissistic, controlling or alcoholic bullies or facing barriers set up in a world controlled by men. This true story follows a young artist named Ruth and her struggles with her deeply abusive upbringing, the nexus of the dysfunction being the secret tragedy that set the stage for the many obstacles she had to overcome. Struggling to make her own life after being stymied at every turn, Tree of Lives includes dramatic, literal cliff hanger scenes, family secrets, narcissism and abuse, mixed races, genetics, mental health, single motherhood, the Other Side, religion, and inspiration through visualization. Tree of Lives is being used by therapists for adult victims of abuse.

Mastering Your Mean Girl by Melissa Ambrosini

This product was recommended by Ranbeer Ayush from RanbeerAyush

This book by Melissa Ambrosini can change your life. The best thing about this book is that it tells you how to use love as a filter to view the world. The way she writes feels very personal. It can make you feel that she is talking about your own life.

How To Be A Bawse by Lilly Singh

This product was recommended by Ranbeer Ayush from RanbeerAyush

How to be a Bawse by Lili Singh (a.k.a Superwoman). We all know she has almost 15 million subscribers on youtube and now she has her late-night show. It is the story of her success. She started with just one thought, and that is ‘If her video could be the reason someone’s bad day turns good, then all her effort would be worth it.

Twenty-Two by Allison Trowbridge

This product was recommended by Ranbeer Ayush from RanbeerAyush

This is a book by Allison Trowbridge. It will inspire women with a greater sense of mission and a passion to live more fully as young women. The way she writes is insane. She is very raw and original.

Destined For Greatness by Shantay Carter

This product was recommended by Shantay Carter from Women Of Integrity Inc.

I would recommend this book for women who are aspiring to become entrepreneurs or are in the beginning stages of starting their business..They will hear about the authors obstacles and triumphs along the way. The book will inspire you to take that leap of faith.

A Uterus Is a Feature, Not a Bug by Sarah Lacy

This product was recommended by Sarah Lacy from Chairman Mom

Sarah Lacy, an investigative journalist who founded PandoDaily and broke the story about Uber and Travis Kalanick’s corruption and sexism, shares her story calling out tech bros, being a founder, a mother of two, and getting divorced. This book is part memoir, part guide to seeing and calling out the cultural baggage women carry. Now more than ever, this book gives women the inspiration and the playbook to help rebuild and push companies and our culture in a direction that is more equal and recognizing the value of working women and working mothers especially.

Find Your Fire by Terri Broussard Williams

This product was recommended by Sarah Solomon from Publify Relations

In Find Your Fire, Terri Broussard Williams — a groundbreaking lobbyist and the voice of the popular MovementMakerCollective blog — captures powerful stories and no-nonsense advice from extraordinary changemakers on a mission to create social good. She also shares the tools to turn the vision for your own movement into a reality. Find Your Fire is an invaluable companion for current or aspiring politicians, activists, nonprofit professionals, social entrepreneurs, visionaries and movement makers. It’s Terri’s way of kindling more #Firestarters and keeping their light burning strong.

Find Your Voice by Sahar Paz

This product was recommended by Phuong Thao MacLeod from The Uncaged Path

This book was vital in helping me find my voice in my late 20s when I was going through a major life transition (divorce) and identity crisis. I really appreciated learning the different voices that show up and how to cultivate a healthy, rooted inner voice. It was like learning the language of me. It’s informative and interactive. Highly recommended for your journey to your voice.

In the Company of Women by Grace Bonney

This product was recommended by Jessica Rose from Copper H2O

This is a lovely book which focuses on showcasing the female entrepreneurial experience from the perspective of different women in different industries throughout the world. I find that this book is a perfect guide to empowering women and helping them become strong leaders both professionally and personally.

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