Can you make your Baby Shower Feminist? 5 Fun Ideas to try at your Baby Shower

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Make you baby shower stand out by trying out these fun ideas that promote feminism! A baby shower with all of your girl friends can be an excellent place to set the tone for the positive attitudes that you want your baby to grow up around. Take a look at the ideas below!

Coming to the baby shower party dressed as an important woman from the past.

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The idea is to ask our friends and family to come dressed as an important woman from history, or as a woman who influenced them the most while growing up. It’sIt’s a good discussion starter, and eventually, you can have all your guests sitting and telling the story about their inspiring woman, and ways this person was able to influence their life. Also, it would be nice to have some photos of the event, so you can show it to your child once it’s old enough to understand it.

Dissent Collar Bibs

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Do bib decorating, but make them like Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s Dissent Collar. You can make them look like the real thing or just be in the spirit of it.

Affirmation Time Capsule

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Make a time capsule full of affirmations and encouragements for the baby as it grows up to cherish from loved ones.

Profession onesies

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Let your guests decorate onesies as professional uniforms, such as a doctor, lawyer, or your favorite activist.

Break gender roles with this game

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This activity is meant to help the guests support the new child holistically, by moving away from binary sexuality and stereotypical gender roles while collectively putting together desirable characteristics you hope the child may have in the future. Invite guests to take several strips of paper and put one characteristic they deem a desirable trait for a person on each strip of paper.

Be clear that these are characteristics related to both men and women or things that are usually attributed to one or the other. The idea is to mix and blend characteristics and not allow your guests to get wrapped up in gender roles. For example: the child can be athletic, brave, a good cook, empathetic, outdoorsy, intelligent, a leader, kind, etc. Once your guests have completed the characteristics, collect the pieces of paper and conclude the activity by reading the characteristics aloud and commenting on how the characteristics presented would be wonderful attributes for any person, and that you are confident that the community will support the child holistically, allowing them to have access to opportunities that support who they are as an individual.

This will help the new parents educate their family, friends, and community about how they want to raise their child without limits generated by gender roles. It’s a kind and gentle way of informing loved ones who want to support the child and family as a whole, that instead of your child being defined by their gender, they will have opportunities to express themselves in a myriad of beautiful ways.

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