How 3 Animals Benefit From Your Solar Panels

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How 3 Animals Benefit From Your Solar Panels

We produce much of our electricity from burning coal, oil, and natural gases that emit carbon pollution into our atmosphere. Harvesting clean energy through solar panels has become a popular alternative to promote sustainable living. Going solar as homeowners can increase our savings and decrease our carbon footprint, but these benefits are not only for us human beings. Learn how these three animals benefit from your solar panels when you lessen your daily impact on climate change.

Migratory Birds

Birds distribute themselves based on the season, and climate change impacts this distribution by throwing off the birds’ timing in reproduction, migration, and natural survival. Birds also rely on migration to locate habitats where resources are abundant, but persistent climate change means they can be forced into habitats where resources may be insufficient. Using solar panels to power your home helps birds find sufficient homes each season.

Sea Turtles

Solar panels on your house may be an out-of-water installation, but that doesn’t mean they can’t benefit ocean inhabitants like sea turtles. The detrimental process of coal extraction and disastrous oil spills in the ocean place sea turtles at risk of losing their habitat in the water. They also endanger the limited nesting grounds they require to reproduce onshore.

Domestic Cows

The effects of climate change on domesticated animals affect both the animals themselves and humans. As greenhouse gases disrupt temperatures and vegetation, cattle herds are susceptible to heat strokes, water scarcity, and complications with reproduction. We derive agricultural resources from our farmlands and the livestock they breed. It’s safe to conclude that when animals benefit from your solar panels, you also continue to benefit from the resources they provide.

Solar panels are an effective way to reduce the impact of climate change on the ecosystem and the animals that inhabit it. Opting for solar panels is a contribution to a sustainable future that we are still making progress toward. Remember that when you convert to solar energy to power your home, you’re also protecting the homes of various animals we share our planet with.

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