Jobs You Can Do While Traveling the United States

Jobs You Can Do While Traveling the United States

If you have a love for new places and adventures, then a life spent on the road might be perfect for you. However, one of the most important things to consider when traveling full-time in an RV or any other method of transportation is how you’re going to make money. Modern technology provides more opportunities than ever to pack up your belongings and switch to a life of traveling full-time while still maintaining a budget for adventure. If you’re not sure where to start, check out these jobs you can do while traveling the United States.

Travel Influencer

You can put your writing, photography, or social media skills to good use by sharing your travel experiences with the world. From blogs that attract thousands of readers a day to social media profiles with global audiences, there are dozens of ways to make traveling itself into a career. You can create a travel blog or write for other publications. Perhaps you want to show off your photography or videography skills and gain a following on Instagram or YouTube. You might even gain sponsors that will help fund your travel in return for product reviews or advertisements.

Freelance Work

Modern technology and the internet provide a lot of unique and exciting jobs you can do while traveling the United States. If you have a reliable laptop and access to the internet, there’s no end to the online jobs you can do remotely. Freelancing can mean pretty much anything. You can lend your creative skills, such as writing or graphic design, to companies. You might also work as a virtual assistant or consultant. Many companies look for freelance remote workers because it saves them office space and other costs.

Local Jobs

Like with freelancing, working local jobs can mean a lot of different things because there are endless opportunities for you to pursue. You can dive into the culture of wherever you travel and pick up odd jobs as a bartender, hostess, or another kind of employee for locally owned businesses. Seasonal work is also popular among travelers, especially if you’re planning on an extended stay in the area. You can also lend your expertise to the area as a tour guide or instructor. Lead other travelers around the most popular local areas or conduct classes in surfing, skiing, yoga, and more. Local jobs let you become a part of the culture you’re visiting, giving you the chance for a deeper travel experience everywhere you go.


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