Mistakes to Avoid On Your First Date

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 Most people lose a tricky little game called dating. Sometimes, breakfasts served in bed, and love letters make us feel like winners. However, after a couple of fights and bittersweet breakup, in most cases, we are going back to the vicious circle and start seeing new people. Again.

So, how many first dates have you had in your life? Enough to say that you are an expert?

If the first date doesn’t lead to the second one, it is considered a failure. If you want to get more second dates and increase your chances of dating someone awesome, learn what mistakes you should avoid on the first date:

My life is a nightmare

According to Beyond Ages, complaining makes people unattractive because it proves that they don’t have any control over their lives.

We all complain from time to time. Our neighbors are loud, bosses are toxic, ex-partners are evil, and waiters are rude. So what? It doesn’t mean you should tell in detail how angry all these people make you.

If you want to complain a little bit, at least offer a reasonable solution. Complaining without any conclusions will make you look an incompetent grouch.

The hard truth is that your date will not hold your hand and help you get over this. Instead, they will get a fake call and leave without saying anything about the second date.

Just one more drink

A bar is a great place to meet – it is loud, exciting and you can get drinks there! A lot of people drink alcohol on the first date in order to calm their nerves quickly. Needless to say, it is not really a good idea.

If you can easily get drunk, it is better if you don’t drink at all. A couple of margaritas will not help you to be yourself. Moreover, they might also slightly improve the image of a person you are dating.

The first date is a sort of job interview – you really need to get to know the candidate before you hire.

Getting drunk with someone you don’t know might be truly dangerous. That’s why consider inviting your date to the coffee shop or for a walk instead.

Let me tell you about my ex

On a first date, people usually speak about important things in their lives, such as careers, family, hobbies, etc.

Speaking about your ex in whatever tone is a wrong approach. Only if your date asks you about your love history, you can say that you dated someone. It would be better if you don’t mention the exact timeline. If you say that you broke up just recently, your date might think that all you want is having fun now.

You might not look good if you say that you didn’t have a partner for years. Your date might think: Why does no one want to date you then?

You might have a very long history with your ex-partner. You might even still be in love with that person. Yet, it should not be the main topic for your first date.

If you really want to tell someone about your ex, call your friends (they probably heard this story a million times already).

You pay!

A long time ago, a man was reaching for the bill without saying a word. However, at that time, lots of women were not allowed to study, vote, and have high-level positions.

These days, women strive for gender equality. In Western countries, most women have access to college education and the job market. Their incomes might not differ from what men earn.

So, who should pay on the first date?

It’s a very, very tricky part. The answer to this question depends on your culture mostly. In some countries, it’s still considered rude if a man doesn’t pay for his lady’s meal on the first date. It doesn’t mean a lady owns a man for dinner. The culture is just different there.

In Western culture, it would be fair to split bills in case you have more or less the same incomes. However, if someone insists on paying the whole bill, there is nothing wrong with that since, for some people, it is not a problem at all.

There is one thing that you should know: never expect the other person to pay for you. You need to have enough money even to cover their part of the bill just in case.

If you were invited to the restaurant you can’t afford, let your date know about it. Another way is to suggest a different place for the first date.

Also, never try to impress your date with your big wallet. It’s great if you can afford the best car and huge apartment in the heart of the city, but don’t let it represent you. You need to show your personality, not the goods you have.

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