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Qēt Botanicals is an entirely plant-based brand using authentic phytonutrients and limited ingredients. This gives each ingredient a chance to perform and shine. Rather than filling treatments with thickeners, fillers, and safe synthetics, they use high-performing ingredients with proven, skin-loving and safe results. Real ingredients equal real results, and fewer ingredients also lessen the chance of an unfavorable reaction. There are no surprises when it comes to their formulas; every ingredient is disclosed.

Every treatment is hand-curated and each individual ingredient is selected for 100% authenticity and purity. Nothing is purchased premixed, products are made in small batches to ensure efficacy, and the vitamins and nutrients are kept at their peak performance levels because treatments are not stale and mass-produced.

Qēt Botanicals’ unique mix of anti-inflammatory plant-based oils can clean, hydrate, moisturize or fight bad bacteria while enhancing your skin’s own microbiome to keep you and your skin healthy–all without any artificial ingredients that can pollute your body.

Check out their site for locations where you can buy these amazing products.


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