Sustainable Cleaning: 3 Eco-Friendly Workplace Cleaning Tips

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Sustainable Cleaning: 3 Eco-Friendly Workplace Cleaning Tips

Winter and flu season always seem to go hand in hand. In frigid, dry air climates, contagious illnesses thrive the most. And they may spread among you and your co-workers indoors. Whether from person to person or through touching surfaces, you and your co-workers are susceptible to germ transmission. This is why cleaning the workplace thoroughly and regularly is such a priority.

On the bright side, we have three eco-friendly workplace cleaning tips. These can facilitate sanitation to simultaneously prioritize wellness and the environment.

Evaluate Ingredients on Product Labels

Ecolabels are valuable sources to facilitate the easy identification of eco-friendly products. However, it’s essential to remain cautious of certain labels since some companies participate in “greenwashing.” Greenwashing refers to the vague and generic claims that appeal to consumers and are usually misleading.

To help you avoid falling victim to such tactics, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends using the Safer Choice program that certifies safer cleaning products for human health and the environment. These cleaning and sanitizing solutions will prioritize both objectives. There’s also essential infection control information for dentistry and other fields that you should know, depending on where you work.

Here are terms to look for when shopping for soaps, sanitizers, and other multipurpose cleaning supplies:

  • Bio-based: These products list plant-oil or enzymes as primary ingredients and reduce toxic chemicals, pollution, and reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Non-toxic: These products focus on Green Seal compliant materials, as they must pass stricter testing and are sustainable.
  • Phosphate-free: Phosphates pose threats to your health and water supply, so it’s in your best interest to eliminate as much of them as you can.

Reduce Plastic Use

Cleaning supplies usually come in plastic packaging. However, you can cut down your workplace’s plastic consumption through shopping habits. Consider purchasing cleaning goods in larger containers to disperse among smaller, more user-friendly vessels throughout the workplace.

Look Out for Single-Use Paper Products

Hand dryers promote heightened bacterial spread within public restrooms. While paper towels create lots of waste, there are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to help minimize waste while preventing bacteria transmission.

  • Single paper towel dispensers: These dispensers can help reduce waste and eliminate the need to touch high-traffic surfaces through motion-activated sensors.
  • Eco-friendly paper products: Drying materials made of sustainable ingredients lower carbon footprints.

The cold and flu season is the perfect opportunity to implement these eco-friendly workplace cleaning tips in your office or work facility. You can keep yourself and others safe while reducing your footprint on the environment.

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