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The Most Popular Casino Games Amongst Women Gamblers

Visiting a casino is something that many people do. Online you have even more options in this area as there are plenty of options from numerous gambling sites. Also, lately, it has been noted that not only men are passionate about online slots, but also women.

Extensive research has been conducted on the difference in casino behavior between women and men. As it turns out, sometimes there is quite a difference between them. In this article, we will find out which games women prefer when it comes to online casinos.

The most popular casino games among women

There is a false belief that casino games are only for men. However, every day more women join this type of entertainment looking for something different in their life. Women love games created by top providers, such as NetEnt for example. Also very popular among female gambling enthusiasts is the original Starburst slot with its special features and fun effects.

The fact that you no longer have to travel to a certain place to play casino games motivates more women to join this type of entertainment. Now they can do it from the comfort of their home, with their phone or computer. They will only need an internet connection and open an account on a site to start playing the various online casino games. Below are the main games preferred by women in online casinos:


They are the most classic games of all and the favorite of most women. This is usually the choice of those who want to play but don’t like the classic table games found in casinos. In addition, every day there are new slot games with different designs and themes inspired by women or series, which makes them even more attractive. A slot game loved by the female side is the new Starburst Extreme, a game full of adrenaline and beautiful effects.

Slots have the particularity that it is not necessary to have certain knowledge. Simply understanding the rules of that particular machine on how to get the bonus will be enough. Then it’s to see how much to bet on the line and let the odds be on our side. Other popular female slots include:

  • Lucky Lady’s Charm
  • Queen of Hearts Deluxe
  • Amazon Fierce
  • 20 Diamonds
  • avaricious
  • Celtic Spirit

Women’s slots have an attractive design and excellent graphics, which allows you to play them to the fullest. Playing women’s slot machines is a wonderful way to enjoy and experience the game and win big. Slot machines for women offer a wide variety of games and features to take advantage of.


Yes, classic bingo which for many is synonymous with the elderly, is one of the most popular casino games for young women. Every day more women approach this type of entertainment looking to get out of the routine.

The rules are simple and even if you play it in an online casino, it still retains the excitement of seeing who fills the first row. Another feature is that many casinos include the possibility of interaction between players, which makes it much more enjoyable.


Roulette is another classic casino game that women in their 30s and 40s love. Among all versions, the most popular among women is European roulette, because it is the simplest of all.

Roulette is preferred by women and when it comes to physical casinos, therefore, you can expect to find girls in casinos around roulette. It is a fun game that can bring you high winnings. In addition, even the roulette dealers, most of the time, are women.


Women are very careful when they sign up at an online casino. They are always cautious and check if you have a license to operate an online casino and bookmaker. This means that online casino is regularly regulated and supervised.

The presence of women in brick-and-mortar casinos, and especially in online casinos, has grown considerably in recent years. Those days when gambling in these establishments was an almost entirely male-dominated territory seem long gone. A new scenario is due to the birth of online gaming platforms, which have led to an increase in the participation of women. 


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