Tips for Creating a Bee-Friendly Garden

Tips for Creating a Bee-Friendly Garden

If you have a garden, make sure you’re doing what you can to see as many benefits as possible. Keep in mind that not only can you get reap the benefits, but so can the bees. Here we are sharing some tips for creating a bee-friendly garden that could change the gardening game. Not only will you following these tips benefit the garden, but it will also increase the pollen and honey creation as well.

Have a Water Access

This might not be the first thing you think your garden should have. However, if you’re aiming for a bee-friendly garden, it’s a must. All you must do is provide the area with a clean and shallow container filled with fresh water. Make sure that it’s not to deep, you don’t want the bees to drown. Adding pebbles or rocks is always a nice touch as well!

Grow Plants With Nectar and Pollen

Double check that the plants and other garden inhabitants will make the pollen and nectar accessible to the bees when it’s needed. Do your research and make sure you’re planting items that provide a continuous flowering periods so the bees can get what they need throughout a majority of the year. Lucky for you there are numerous options.

Embrace the Color

Not only is having color in your garden good for the overall look of it, but it is actually good for the bees. Bees are drawn to different flowers and colors, including blues, violets, yellows, and greens. Doing this will not only make you happy when you look at the garden, but the bees will be ecstatic.

Utilize the Weeds

Bees get a rich source of nectar from weeds such as dandelions and thistles. While your first course of action might be to pull the weeds, don’t get to ahead of yourself. Wait until the weeds finish blooming and simply cut the heads off the plant so their seeds don’t spread. This allows for the bees go get the weeds’ nectar while the weeds themselves don’t grow too rapidly.

These tips for creating a bee-friendly garden will really change the game. Not only will the bees be better than ever, but you will find more positive benefits from you garden than ever before. Gardening is a great past time, why not make it even better by helping the bees?


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