Ways To Make Your Jeep More Eco-Friendly

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Ways To Make Your Jeep More Eco-Friendly

Trading your Jeep in for an electric vehicle isn’t feasible for everybody. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make your Jeep more eco-friendly that don’t involve going to the dealership. Routine maintenance and different enhancements can help you become a more sustainable person, even when on the road. Explore various ways to minimize your carbon emission without breaking the bank.

Frequent Tune-Ups

Quality maintenance is the best thing you can do to increase your car’s longevity, but did you know that car care is beneficial for the earth, too? Keeping your Jeep tuned-up ensures it’s running smoothly and getting optimal gas mileage. Regular vehicle maintenance can boost vehicle fuel efficiency and catch any minor undercarriage issues before they worsen.

Attending Your Emissions Test

Most states have mandates for routine emissions tests. These tests confirm that state vehicles are not producing emissions above standard levels. You may be subject to a fine if you forego your vehicle’s emission test. Avoid a fee and excess emission by taking your car in for a test as required.

Other Modes of Transportation

Save your Jeep from acquiring unnecessary mileage by opting for other transportation methods. If you live in a metropolitan area, you likely have access to public transportation. Designate a few workdays to take the bus or train instead of contributing to harrowing rush-hour pollution by driving yourself.

When the weather allows, consider biking to work. Not only is biking to work an invigorating way to start the day, but it also reduces your carbon footprint greatly. With companies like Lyft now offering temporary bike services, you won’t have to worry about storing your mode of transportation at the office.

Upgrade To Eco-Conscience Features

The automotive industry has made significant progress in providing sustainable features for vehicles. A few ways to make your Jeep more eco-friendly require enhancements that are well worth the investment. One improvement you can make to your trusty ride is replacing your tires with eco-friendly ones.

Eco-friendly tires are made from materials that are environmentally safer than factory stock tires. Their improved rolling resistance makes the upgrade beneficial to gas mileage and emissions reduction.

Upgrade the factory stock lights on your Jeep and switch to LEDs. This type of light is long-lasting, improves driver visibility, and utilizes energy more efficiently than standard lights. LED lights are considered one of the Jeep modifications that contribute to value, making it a smart investment for more than just the environmental perks.

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