Why Everyone Should Use Commercial Hand Dryers

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Why Everyone Should Use Commercial Hand Dryers

If you’ve ever been inside a public bathroom, you have likely encountered an automatic hand dryer. You may not initially feel like using these, but don’t be fooled into thinking they are a waste of your time.

These hands-free devices are progressive and are shifting how society thinks about hygiene and utilizing our resources. Here are a few reasons why everyone should use commercial hand dryers worldwide.

They Use Energy Efficiently

Automatic hand dryers are quick and easy to use, so you won’t be drying your hands all day or waiting in line for your turn. The high-powered fans deliver enough air to dry your hands on a timer. Each time you use a hand dryer, you’ll have the right amount of air to dry your hands in a flash.

Because automatic versions of these machines are so highly calibrated, they save money on electricity compared to nonautomatic ones. Even if the dryers are more powerful, their automated running time helps save energy.

They’re the Environmentally Conscious Choice

Using a hand dryer is a much more environmentally friendly choice than using paper towels. That’s because paper comes from trees. Think about the trees saved each time someone dries their hands with a hand dryer instead of paper!

Eliminating paper towels also decreases the waste a bathroom produces. Using less of the earth’s resources and decreasing pollution are huge advantages of using commercial air dryers instead of paper towels.

They Improve Global Hygiene

When you use a hands-free tool to dry your hands after washing them, you don’t risk cross-contamination. You can wash your hands, dry them, and walk away knowing you didn’t pick up any new bacteria.

Many people use public bathrooms daily, and not everyone washes and dries their hands, which can lead to bacteria populating and the potential to spread illness and infection. With automatic hand dryers, there is a much lower risk of this happening since people will be more likely to wash and dry their hands.

There are plenty of reasons why everyone should use a commercial hand dryer in public. We have listed a few to raise awareness of the importance of this incredible tool available to the world.

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