17 Cool Ethically Made Gifts To Give To Your Male Friends

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Every single day of the calendar year there’s someone out there getting a gift, sometimes many gifts. Be it birthday, Christmas, office party, etc. Somebody is getting it, so someone is going to purchase it. To that purchaser, I tell you, consider this, as many of the gifts we give away every year are disposable, wouldn’t you rather buy one of ethically-made origin? With that I mean, won’t you feel better buying a gift made with environmental sustainability in mind and affordable wages?

Every time you buy a gift for someone the opportunity is there to purchase one that fairly compensates the employees whose hard work created such environmentally friendly present, even when gifting for males! Next time you are choosing a guy’s gift, be confident that there are progressive choices made with the purpose of bettering society. Be confident in giving them any of these ethically made gifts for men.

#1 Hockerty Ethical Fashion Brand

The Hockerty Ethical Fashion Brand travel product recommended by Salva Jovells on Pretty Progressive.

We produce all our garments made to measure, we don’t have stocks, we don’t produce anything not asked for and we optimize all fabric. The only stock we own are returns from customers which are donated to charity.


#2 Monk Blessed Red Rosewood Mala Beads For Meditation

The Monk Blessed Red Rosewood Mala Beads for Meditation travel product recommended by Spencer Morgan on Pretty Progressive.

These awesome Red Rosewood Mala Beads were blessed by Disciples of Lama Druthob Rinponche in Nepal. The 108 bead Mala is an ancient meditation tool and the more it is used, the more energy is infused within it. The more one recites positive intentions or sacred mantras on its beads, the more positively powerful it becomes. Backpack Buddha is fair-trade and uses eco-friendly materials.Ten percent of the profits are donated to causes such as rebuilding Nepalese temples and elephant preservation.


#3 Vustra’S Classic-Fit Button Downs

The Vustra's Classic-fit Button Downs travel product recommended by Parth Desai on Pretty Progressive.

Classic fit button down shirts were created with an American fashion sense and styled with a European cut for a fitted yet casual look. Features like single barrel cuffs make it easy to transform your look from casual to relaxed.


#4 Open Road Sustainable Wallet

The Open Road Sustainable Wallet travel product recommended by Michelle Goyette on Pretty Progressive.

The Open Road Sustainable Leather Wallet will inspire him for adventures while doing good for the planet. This stylish wallet passport cover is hand-constructed of ethically-sourced vegetable tanned leather using techniques that have been passed down by generations. Using leather that would otherwise go to landfills, and using non-toxic dyes, it’s sustainable as it is cool. Created by Fair Trade artisans in India, you’ll love that it does good as much as he’ll love it looks good!


#5 Mini Fair Trade Djembe Drum

The Mini Fair Trade Djembe Drum travel product recommended by Michelle Goyette on Pretty Progressive.

The Mini Djembe Drum is the perfect ethical gift for the percussion loving man and it’s small enough to take his music with him anywhere! Great size for travel near or far, he will love it was handcrafted by Fair Trade artisans. Preserving traditional instrument crafting skills while providing reliable fair pay to artisans in developing nations, it sounds good as it does good. 8 inches tall with a 3-inch drum head.


#6 Zodiac Sign Creative Coffee Mugs

The Zodiac Sign Creative Coffee Mugs travel product recommended by Shubham Gohar on Pretty Progressive.

These zodiac mugs are one of a kind and are good for gifting someone who loves coffee and have an interest in astrology. Porcelain constellation coffee mug with matching spoon and lid emblemed with the Zodiac sign outlined in golden color. A wonderful gift idea and show of love to yourself, significant other, friend or a family member.

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#7 Lego Building Blocks Coffee Mugs

The Lego Building Blocks Coffee Mugs travel product recommended by Shubham Gohar on Pretty Progressive.

Perfect for all the lego fans out there. Relive your childhood from the comfort of your own desk during boring phone calls and meetings whilst tinkering with your latest creation. This mug will have you immediately playing until your heart’s content, whilst being 100% compatible with all your existing childhood building bricks. This is an interesting mug with exterior building surface. A coffee mug and construction set all in one! Drinking coffee while building something is really a wonderful thing.


#8 Creative Cat Coffee Mug

The Creative Cat Coffee Mug travel product recommended by Shubham Gohar on Pretty Progressive.

For all the cat lovers out there. The Heat resistant quality glass makes the cup can bear the high temperature, maximizing durability and resistance to thermal shock. The coffee mug is designed with a creative handle to prevent you from being hurt when the drink is hot. It’s easy to clean. Just wash the mug with water, then scrub the glass cup with a soft cloth.


#9 Barrow Modello, Gold Watch | Brown Leather + Mesh

The Barrow Modello, Gold Watch | Brown Leather + Mesh travel product recommended by Katie Rose Cronin on Pretty Progressive.

Swiss movement, sapphire crystal glass, a solid steel case, handcrafted vegetable tanned leather straps from a leather tannery based in Tuscany, and all comfortably priced, sets Barrow apart from other brands that are less than. Classic, ethical and made to last, a Barrow watch is for a lifetime, not a season. Each watch comes with two straps – a beautiful leather and a chic mesh.


#10 Majamas Wally Crew Neck

Clothing for Men is 100% ethically and USA made using Cotton/Modals and reclaimed prints for lining. The inside back of our tees are lined to reinforce the shoulders and keep them from shrinking after washing. We even line all the pockets on our Joggers and Shorts for added detail and sturdier pockets that can hold heavier gear.


#11 Helmm Starter Kit

The Helmm Starter Kit travel product recommended by Zach Michael on Pretty Progressive.

“Helmm – the first eco-friendly refillable natural deodorant and antiperspirant that smells great, looks good and actually works.

Helmm utilizes 60% less plastic than pharmacy brands: Through Helmm soft launch sales, we’ve saved approximately 63,705 grams of plastic to-date (approximately 141 lbs.) Tracking towards our Year 1 projections, Helmm will have saved 19,840,000 grams of plastic over our first year in business (approximately 43,652 lbs.; 22 US tons) ”


#12 On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones Set

The On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones Set travel product recommended by Amy Regan on Pretty Progressive.

Our On The Rocks Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones with Hardwood Tray and Two Tumblers Set is always a hit with men. Make from reclaimed granite, these handmade whiskey stones chill fine spirits without dilution. The set includes 6 Recycled Granite Whiskey Chilling Stones, 2 recycled glass tumblers, and a Forest Stewardship Certified Ash Hardwood Storage Tray. Brilliantly packaged, each set is a joy to unbox. Pair with dad’s favorite whiskey or scotch for an instant, thoughtful gift.


#13 Crissman Overshirt By Dehen 1920

The Crissman Overshirt by Dehen 1920 travel product recommended by Bri Alberts on Pretty Progressive.

A wonderful gift for the guy who appreciates a timeless design. The Crissman Overshirt exemplifies the quality and craftsmanship on which Dehen has built their reputation, and is designed to be relevant for years to come. Made of 14oz Melton Wool and accented with a soft cotton lining and double welt hand pockets, the Crissman can be worn year round as standard button-up, or open as a light jacket layer. Proudly handcrafted in Portland, OR since 1920.


#14 Five-Slot Card Holder By Francois Goods

The Five-Slot Card Holder by Francois Goods travel product recommended by Bri Alberts on Pretty Progressive.

The perfect gift for a classic guy that appreciates a minimal design. This wallet is handcrafted from a premium soft Italian leather, and stitched with a bonded polyester thread – one of the strongest on the market. With its 5-pocket design, he can easily keep at least 7 cards and cash inside. Proudly made in Seattle, Washington.


#15 Medicus Dopp Bag By Orox Leather Co.

The Medicus Dopp Bag by Orox Leather Co. travel product recommended by Bri Alberts on Pretty Progressive.

The Medicus Dopp is the perfect companion for all of his essentials. Unassuming, yet beautifully designed and handcrafted by a 4th generation family of leather workers. Made from US-sourced Chromexcel and English Bridal leather, this dopp kit is made to stand the test of time. Proudly made in Portland, OR.


#16 Clean Face Wash For Men

The Clean Face Wash For Men travel product recommended by Boris Levitsky on Pretty Progressive.

“Attention to all Men! Feel free to get FRESH on the daily, without the drama, using our Clean Face Wash. Work hard, play hard, cleanse hard! Our brilliant cleanser for men is loaded with charcoal. Studies say, charcoal effectively purifies the skin, swiping up any oil, grit, sweat or even last night’s adventures.

Name your skin game and let our charcoal Clean Face Wash get the job done. Keep it simple and natural without using added antibacterial chemicals, masked by strong “fresh” scents that give you the genius marketing illusion that your clean as a whistle. Charcoal is a wildly effective and natural way to clear bacteria and all the skin no-no woes away. Guys, this is an easy, low maintenance cleanser you’ll love using.

A clean man is a sexy man, a yummy smelling man. Go on! Get fresh! ”


#17 Men’S Polarised Sunglasses: Square Aviator Blk

The Men's Polarised Sunglasses: Square Aviator Blk travel product recommended by Jamie Bartlett on Pretty Progressive.

“As Scotland’s only eyewear manufacturer, we pride ourselves on the ability to handmake high-quality men’s sunglasses frames from high-quality, biodegradable acetate and long-lasting bespoke hardware.

Each sunglasses and spectacle frame is made in house, by hand in our workshop in Glasgow.

Since 2012, we’ve been slowly building our workshop with the intention of having our own factory space.

We’re on a mission to create local jobs and pass on hard-earned skill which we impart into each glasses frame we proudly make. ”


The recommendations of products and books within this article where sourced from industry experts. Their names and websites are listed below.

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Germaine Caprio from Majamas Earth

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