How You Can Find An Honest Man: The Story Of Diogenes Laertius, Tips, And More

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It has been the true nature of human beings, wherever they are in the world, beyond their simple lifestyle, to have that similar quest of a perfect life. One of these is in relationships. It has been the nature of a human being to embark on the journey to find an honest man because they believe finding their ideal partner will place more sense in their life and make it better.

This quest to find an honest man is indeed a challenge because in your life, following the laws governing men, it is the truth that each person has a unique set of personalities. At the same time, one’s behavior may not always match what you are looking for — a reason why in these modern times, there are couples who break apart from each other, or go through the unpleasant phase of divorce, otherwise referred to as separation between partners.

However, is it really possible to find that honest man?

In this edition of our post, we will get to know the famous story of Diogenes of Sinope, who lived during the time of ancient Greece, a person in history that those looking for an honest man should “consult” with. Why is that? Diogenes responded to this problem of finding honest men by holding his lantern to the faces of the citizens of Athens, claiming he was looking for honest folk. Aside from telling the story of this biographer in Greek philosophy, you will also get to know tips that will involve your human virtue as you put into action the idea of searching for an honest man. Who is Diogenes, the man claiming to have always looked far and wide in the hopes of finding human virtue?

Meet Diogenes Of Sinope

Otherwise known as Diogenes the Cynic, Diogenes plucked the streets of Athens with his candle or lantern upon the faces of this ancient civilization’s citizens, saying he was looking for honest folk. According to ancient sources, he was among the ancient philosophers who rejected the importance, and all the great books, about manners, treating them as lies as he advocated the point of being honest no matter what the circumstances are.

In the words of one of the eminent philosophers of Greece, Plato, this person could be referred to as Socrates “gone mad.” He found a home in the agora, or the market place of Athens, living with a large wine cask, surviving by begging and receiving gifts from his admirers, among others.

Diogenes’ very own concept of looking for an honest man, history continues, was this biographer’s way of exposing the sham and hypocrisy of the conventions of the society. By using his lantern lighting up the citizens’ faces in broad daylight, he believed, with this outrageous behavior, that he would be able to discern the honest human being. He was quite an influencer too, as he has gained followers such as from Crates of Thebes.

Diogenes Believed In The Significance Of Personal Excellence In Your Behavior, Self-Control, And Rejecting All That Is Unnecessary In Your Life

Diogenes arrived in Athens where he was able to meet with one of Socrates’ students, Antisthenes. At first, Antisthenes refused him to be his student but changed his mind after realizing how persistent he was.

Like his teacher, Diogenes believed in the significance of personal excellence with respect to a person’s behavior, as well as in self-control and rejecting things that are unnecessary in life. They include status in society and personal belongings.

He was strong in his principles that he lived them very openly in the Athens market place. There was even one point when he gave up the cup with a bowl of food when he came to see a boy drinking water using his hands. For him, he did not need a cup of food to live.

Furthermore, Diogenes also exhibited his beliefs by being brutally honest in conversations.

According to him, the society is not at par with virtue or truth. His ideas were supported by the views of other philosophers such as Heraclitus, Socrates, and Xenophanes, pointing out that humans have to wake up from their state of dreaming so they can be aware of themselves and the world.

Searching For An Honest Guy: Useful Tips On How You Can Find An Honest Man

To find an honest man, here are tips you can follow (you don’t necessarily need to do it with the way Diogenes did it with his lantern).

1. Present Your Depth

Depth pertains to the capability to feel the surroundings. Aim to reach that depth that will show how you give meaning to the world.

2. Be Aware Of Your Limits

It is okay to say “no.” People are afraid of this due to the fear they might get rejected.

When you can set your boundaries, you will be able to realize your value as a human being.

3. Listen

This involves being receptive to other people, the way they are. Playing the person who is hard to get will not lead you to the relationship you want.

4. Be True

This is otherwise known as being authentic. It may not be easy when you are with the person you like, but practice leads to perfection.

5. Practice Self-Love Each Day

Only when you love yourself, you will be able to realize your value as a person.

Looking for an honest man is easier said than done. It may involve the concepts of truth speaking embodiment, articulate speech, self preservation, and so much more.

While it may be too outrageous to follow the ways of Diogenes, who held a lamp to people’s faces in the sunlit streets of the Athens city state, you might realize this guy has a point. There are more other ways on how you can seek for the honest man. Most of the time, you will succeed.

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