Reasons You Should Donate Your Old Books to Charity

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Reasons You Should Donate Your Old Books to Charity

Old books aren’t usually the first to come to mind when collecting things to donate. However, everyone loves a good book. Reading is relaxing for some of us and a way to learn; stories hold valuable themes, and reading can help enhance your vocabulary. If you need to declutter your private library, there are many reasons to donate those books to charity.

You Declutter

There’s nothing wrong with collecting books, but you’ll have less room for other items as the collection grows. Rather than allow the books to pile up and appear cluttered, you can sort through your bookshelf and decide what you no longer care to reread so that someone else can enjoy them.

Donating Makes Us Happy

Another reason to donate old books to a charity is that doing this makes you happy. Sharing literature positively impacts our society. You can feel proud knowing you’re a major part of that change. Doing generous deeds gets those feel-good hormones flowing in the brain, adding to the joy you’ll feel.

Donating Helps Others

Sadly, we don’t all have the good fortune to afford new books regularly. Donating is important throughout the year, and books are one of the best items to give to charity. If you have children’s books or young adult novels, summer and early fall are prime donation times as kids return to school. You’ll feel happy knowing the books you gave away went to wonderful homes where someone else can enjoy their stories.

It’s Better for the Environment

If you love books, throwing them away is probably blasphemy, but that doesn’t mean you need to hold onto every book you own. Chances are, there’s at least one story sitting on the shelf that you don’t care for. When you donate books to second-hand shops, you still help the environment, plus give others access to purchase these stories at a discounted price.

You Can Buy New Books

When you cram all your books together, it doesn’t look great. Pulling one out could lead to two others falling in tow as they stick together. On the contrary, when you donate part of your collection, you make room for new books. If you regularly donate old books, you’ll always have room to purchase new ones anytime you plan a trip to the bookshop.

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