Student Tips: What Is Sexism? And Why Is There No Place For It In The Modern World?

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In simple terms, sexism is the discrimination of an individual based on the person’s gender. This sexism definition is the most basic as sexism covers many other concepts like stereotypes, gender roles, and so on.

So many people have this “belief” that one particular gender is more superior to the other, and as such, treat the “lesser” gender with little respect, which is a very backward way of thinking. People need to reconstruct their beliefs because both genders are equal and deserve to be treated with humanity and respect.


Why Is Sexism Bad For The Social Environment?

I have read a lot of essays on sexism written by youths, and it gladdens the heart to see that so many youths and students are standing up against sexism in their environment. These various essays on sexism carry the voice of the youth and talk widely on how sexism has eaten deep into the environment and even in their various colleges.

This sexism has been institutionalized and personalized in society, such that it has greatly impacted the environment in various ways, causing hostility, cyberbullying, harassment, physical and sexual assault. The female gender is a direct victim of all these forms of violence, as sexism takes many forms in their lives.

Various laws are limiting where women can work or what type of work they can do. There is a form of sexism that glorifies women for their appearance and not what they can offer. This is even more common in business sectors, as some would prefer to hire a more “attractive” woman just because she is attractive and not for her qualifications.

Sexism also affects men, caging them in traps of masculinity, where they are forced to do tasks heavier than them because they are “men.” Some men also get harassed simply because they are too “feminine” or too emotional, with the idea that emotions are for women.

This is notably worse for society because it breeds emotionless and heartless men who will become a danger to us all.

How Does Sexism Manifest Itself In The Educational System And How Does It Affect Students?

Sexism presents itself in the educational system as institutionalized, cultural, and personalized subordination and discrimination of one gender, particularly the female gender. It happens in significant ways like online trolling, physical harassment, policing feminine wear, bullying. It can also take the form of denying a certain gender admission to study a certain course or pursue a certain degree just because of their sex.

Why It Should Not Be In The Modern World?

Times have changed, and so have we. Now, we have more women with advanced degrees and capabilities, women who have more to offer than pretty faces.

We have men who have chosen lines of work —like nursing, modeling— that were formerly termed “women jobs.”

Now, our youths are standing up for more by being loud about it on social media. They write different essays and literature and organize campaigns with high evangelism to push against sexism in colleges and society.

  • Sexism should not be allowed in this modern world because it will limit our youths’ scope and potential. The youths are ready to be more; they are ready to excel in different lines of work, doing different jobs, without labeling gender roles. Sexism would put a box over their zeal and ambition, and this shouldn’t be allowed.
  • Sexism would increase violence and bullying. In any sane society, this should not be allowed. Women and transgender people are direct casualties of this type of violence because they are seen as the lesser gender.
  • Sexism breeds oppression and subordination. Any society where a particular gender is not free to express themselves is fated for doom. If women can not be free to undertake whatever jobs they like (or qualify for), or if men are not allowed to express themselves or show emotions, then society has failed.

Wrap Up

The facts about sexism is that there is a subtle form by which it can be expressed. Sometimes it can be masqueraded under different forms of expressions, and the truth is, we will no longer stand for it. Sexism education should be taught even at home, so kids can see it and know it when it’s happening; that is the only way by which we can stop it.

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