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How Not to Make a Mistake With the Choice of Profession: 12 Mistakes

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Today let’s talk about the typical mistakes that young people make when choosing their career path.

Mistake #1

Attitude towards the choice of a profession as a final and lifelong, orientation straight away to a profession of high qualification, higher education.

Of course, higher education is very important, but sometimes for one reason or another, there is no possibility or need to go straight to college after school. There are other options for building a career: school – institution of primary vocational education or vocational courses – specialized secondary educational institution (college, technical school) – university. Under this scheme, it is possible to obtain a certain specialty in a comparatively short period and more accurately determine the choice of university. Depending on the situation, some components of the scheme (except schooling) may “drop out”.

Mistake #2


In certain circles, some professions and occupations may be considered undignified and even indecent (“Well, what kind of profession – hairdresser, driver, etc.?”) In fact, it does not matter what profession you want to possess. It does not matter whether it is prestigious or not, as long as you enjoy it. Moreover, if you choose a prestigious but uninteresting profession, you will have to think about who can help me write my essay throughout the educational process.

Mistake #3

Choosing a profession “with friends”.

The opinion of classmates, friends, comrades, of course, matters, because it reflects the degree of popularity in modern society of certain professions. But the professional choice is free and personal.

Mistake #4

Transferring the attitude toward a member of any profession to the profession itself.

It is impossible to choose or not choose a profession only because you either like or do not like the person who is engaged in this type of activity. For example, being fascinated by a chemistry teacher does not mean you like chemistry itself.

Mistake #5

Being fascinated only by the external or some private side of the profession.

Often high school students have superficial ideas about the profession – they do not know all the specifics. For example, the profession of a cosmetologist is very attractive to girls: “I sit in a clean office in a white dressing gown, use fragrant cosmetics in my work, etc.”. But to work as a beautician, you need, first, to have a medical education; second, to solve the “problems” of the client, which are not always aesthetically pleasing; third, to be ready to constantly learn, to keep up with the beauty industry, etc.

Mistake #6

Low awareness of the world of professions, the demand for and prospects of a particular profession.

It is difficult to choose when you do not know what to choose from. At present, there are many new specialties, and sometimes something long known hides behind a fashionable name. When choosing a specialty, it is worth thinking about how easy it will be to find a job afterward.

Mistake #7

Prestige orientation.

As a rule, a profession is chosen not only (and not so much) as a profession, but also as a certain image, lifestyle, and opportunity to get a certain status in society.

However, starting to choose a future profession, high school students should understand, that the prestige of the profession does not necessarily coincide with its demand in the labor market.

Mistake #8

The inability to choose a profession.

Sometimes adults (parents, teachers), being guided by good intentions, render a graduate a “bearish service”, shifting all responsibility for his/her choice. Parents think that they will make this choice better – they have more knowledge, life experience. Of course, you should not disregard the opinion of an older generation and their experience, but at the same time, we must not forget that this is not the only factor in the choice.

Mistake #9

Identification of a school subject with the corresponding profession.

There is such a subject as a foreign language, and there are many professions where language ability is required – translator, tour guide, etc. When choosing a profession, one should take into account what real occupations and professions are behind the school subject.

Mistake #10

Outdated ideas about the nature of work in some areas of production.

Sophisticated and interesting machinery is being introduced into all professions, and above all workers.

Mistake #11

Inability to understand your personal peculiarities (aptitudes, abilities, level of preparation).

It is rather difficult for a high school student to choose a profession independently. Therefore it is very important that adults who are close to him or her (psychological consultants, teachers, parents) can give him or her discreet, but competent aid. Psychological tests can also be useful.

Mistake #12

Ignorance or underestimation of one’s physical features and disadvantages are significant in the choice of a profession.

Some professions can aggravate existing health problems.

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