The Best Environmentally Friendly Beauty Products

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This article showcases our top picks for the Best Environmentally Friendly Beauty Products. We reached out to industry leaders and experts who have contributed the suggestions within this article (they have been credited for their contributions below). We are keen to hear your feedback on all of our content and our comment section is a moderated space to express your thoughts and feelings related (or not) to this article This list is in no particular order.

Avarelle Pimple Patches Hydrocolloid Acne Cover Patches

This product was recommended by Jessica McCafferty Brennan from Janice McCafferty PR

With 66k+ reviews on Amazon, Avarelle Acne Cover Patch Original is fan favorite for a reason. They work! Each patch is made with advanced 2x adhesive hydrocolloid. It’s ultra-thin, non-irritating and transparent. VEGAN-FRIENDLY, CARBON FREE CERTIFIED and ANIMAL CRUELTY-FREE, they are formulated with all natural ingredients like tea tree oil (combat itchy skin and reduce swelling), cica (calm irritated skin) and calendula oil (soothe redness) to fight blemishes fast. Many other patches do not have these extra ingredients. They are also different from other pimple patches that tend to use non-vegan ingredients for their hydrocolloid whereas Avarelle is VEGAN CERTIFIED VIA VEGAN.ORG. Avarelle also holds AMAZON’S CLIMATE PLEDGE FRIENDLY BADGE (because of their carbon free certification). Climate Pledge Friendly is an initiative by Amazon as an effort to build a sustainable business for Amazon’s customers and the planet.

The A Method Ultra-Hydration Serum

This product was recommended by Jessica McCafferty Brennan from Janice McCafferty PR

It just has one ingredient! This serum hydrates chronically dry skin with all-natural squalene derived from olives – never from sharks. Thus, their products can claim cruelty-free and vegan attributes, in addition to being free of parabens and fragrance. Squalane is a naturally occurring compound found in the skin that blanches oil production. It has the miraculous capacity to absorb up to a quarter of its weight in oxygen – an important factor that prevents the development of cutaneous flora and helps improve and protect the microbiome of the skin. It can even be safely applied to hair to increase heat protection, add shine and reduce breakage.

AcARRE Beauty Edit Multi Use Bioactive Dry Oil

This product was recommended by Tracey Kearse from AcARRE

Crafted using plant biodiversity to bring balance to your skin and scalp, our invigorating bioactive dry beauty oil is the natural skincare for the beauty minimalist. It’s rich in antioxidants, fatty acids, and vitamins that help re-balance the microbiome and assist in the prevention of aging. It also seals in moisture from scalp to toe leaving your skin feeling nourished and rejuvenated with a healthy satiny glow. Our unique, natural formula contains the Skynactive harmonizing complex, which includes squalane. This formula produces an easily absorbed, vitamin-rich, dry oil that balances the microbiome of the skin and scalp. It also prevents moisture loss and restores skin’s suppleness and elasticity. We have partnered with Ecodrive LLC to become a carbon neutral company by offsetting our emissions through tree planting. Not only will a Mangrove tree be planted for every order placed through our website, we are also working with Ecodrive to offset all of our carbon emissions related to our supply chain, from source to skin.

Microneedling Derma Roller

This product was recommended by Catherine Wilson from Essential Derma

The Essential Derma Micronnedling Derma Roller is plastic neutral. This means that the company removes more plastic waste from the earth than they produce. This is an excellent method for businesses that sell plastic products and are unable to replace the plastic with other materials.

Waxelene’s Multi-Purpose Ointment

This product was recommended by Aaron Sanders from Orca Communications Unlimited, LLC

Waxelene’s Multi-Purpose Ointment has has built a loyal reputation with its customers – both as an effective way to protect and replenish dry and damaged skin — but as an organic, and environmentally friendly option. Waxelne uses only natural and organic ingredients, is plastic neutral, and uses 100% sustainable packaging. 2 percent of all sales go towards the purchase of plastic offsets. Everything is BPA Free and the company provides an option for a reusable glass jar. The silky smooth, natural ointment is specially formulated to moisturize dry skin while providing a breathable water-proof barrier to allow cuts, rashes and irritations to heal. It is a fast-acting treatment for eczema and psoriasis flare-ups. Waxelene’s all-in-one ointment creates the same waterproof barrier that petroleum jelly does but contains no harmful petroleum or hydrogenated oil. The manufacturers use a patented aeration process that makes the jelly breathable on your skin.

L’Occitane Cleansing & Softening Almond Shower Oil

This product was recommended by Isla Zyair from Obesity Controller

L’Occitane has a strong commitment to helping the planet through its brand. Their products come in eco-refill packages and are 100 percent natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. They have skincare products as well as hair and body care.

BYBI Strawberry Booster

This product was recommended by Caitlyn Parish from Cicinia

The vegan skincare company BYBI has been making headlines in the beauty business by teaming up with other like-minded companies to submit an open letter to the government, known as the #CUTTHECARBON mission, outlining the issues the sector is facing and the results that are expected from COP26. By delivering a transparent supply chain and advocating for manufacturers to use green energy, BYBI continues to bring climate conscious skincare to the general public with the aim of becoming the first totally carbon negative beauty brand by 2025. Every ingredient is examined using an internal Susty Score to determine its environmental impact. Additionally, 50% of BYBI’s formulations currently use ingredients that have been recycled from other sectors.

Cloud Cover SPF 35 from Kinfield

This product was recommended by Chris Lok from CouponDuos

This sunscreen can be applied to the face and body and is suitable for any scene. It is also made with aloe vera, glycerin, and seaweed for better moisturizing and nourishing, so it can be used safely on sensitive skin. In addition, it is made with non-nano zinc oxide, so it can be freely used when swimming on the beach. It is an environmentally friendly product.

Aloe Rose All Over Lotion from Meow Meow Tweet

This product was recommended by Chris Lok from CouponDuos

This lotion has a silky texture and a fresh scent. It contains aloe vera and rose ingredients, which can be applied to sensitive skin. Also, as an organic product, the plant oils in the lotion are good for helping to protect the skin from dryness and can be used all over the body. Its metal bottle and pump are recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly product.

Moerie Mineral Shampoo & Hair Conditioner Set

This product was recommended by Rosmy Barrios from Health Reporter

Moerie mineral shampoo and deep conditioner are not only gently scented with natural orange extract but are also vegan, non-GMO, and cruelty-free. Cleansers like cocamidopropyl betaine and sodium cocoyl isethionate in this shampoo are gentle and suitable for dry, curly, or even thin hair. The conditioner also is ideal for these types of hair, as it will perfectly nourish but won’t burden them. Both products contain benzyl alcohol, the name of which can be intimidating. However, this alcohol will not dry your hair and is even suitable for curls. On top of that, both of these beauty products promote hair growth, but the best results will be achieved if you also eat healthily and exercise.

Ethique Heali Kiwi Solid Dandruff Shampoo Bar

This product was recommended by Vikas Chaudhary from Nihal Fashions

In one year, an individual may use up to ten bottles of shampoo and conditioner. You can significantly reduce waste by replacing shampoo and conditioner bottles with bars. All of Ethique’s products are packaged in recycled paper. These bars also outlast their plastic counterparts. It is an excellent way to save not only money but, more importantly, the environment.

Love Beauty And Planet Shampoo And Conditioner

This product was recommended by Rob Greene from Price of Meat

Love Beauty And Planet is a one hundred percent plant-based company, and all of its products are completely vegan. Everything they produce is paraben, silicone, cruelty-free, and made from replenishable material, which means that this shampoo and conditioner will add volume and bounce to your hair and help you to look good while you’re saving the planet.

Superkind Fortifying Moisturizer by Tata Harper

This product was recommended by James Anderson from Veritas Buyers

I spoke with Tata about the product’s mission: to provide sensitive skin with the same benefits as the most potent products on the market, but without the reactivity. I mostly like the texture and smell, so I went through the entire bottle. I tested it in a variety of climates, from spring in California to winter in New York City, and it performed admirably in all of them.

Pacific Glacial Clay Detoxifying Mask

This product was recommended by Timothy Woods from Carnivore Style

The reason why this is the best is that it purifies the pores and removes all the dirt and other residues from the skin. It gives a smooth texture to your skin and keeps it hydrated. It is best for the men and women and others who have blackheads. In the link mentioned above, you will also find the reviews of the people who used this mask and the list of ingredients in detail.

Bougie Water Bottle Stainless Steel

This product was recommended by Juliet Pearson from My Bougie Bottle

Although we may not be considered a beauty product, staying hydrated is the foundation of a proper beauty routine. In addition, our products are beautiful! Our products are best sellers in several 5-star resorts & Marshall Retail Group / Paradies Lagardére airport gift shops across the USA. My Bougie Bottles are quickly becoming a woman’s quintessential travel accessory- featured in USA Today, Buzz Feed, Medium, The Hollywood Reporter, and BELLA Magazines. We created our eye-catching drinkware to inspire the movement against plastic bottles and to sustain an environment-friendly future. Our striking designs and beautiful gift packaging entice customers, who often come back to buy our collections. “A stainless-steel Bougie Water Bottle to take the act of drinking water to the next level.” – BuzzFeed Convenient Features: *Shape and Size (Easy Carry Handle & Fits in car Cup Holders) *Leak Proof/ Rust Proof/ Condensation Free *BPA-Free, 18/8 Food Grade Steel *Easy Sip Straw *Beautiful Gift Packaging (optional) *Keeps drinks Cold 24 hrs or Hot 12 hrs *25 oz keeps an entire bottle of wine chilled Just a few of our stockists include The New York Botanical Garden, Pierre Lafond, Waldorf Astoria Casa Marina, The Reach Hilton Key West, Mauna Lani Auberge Resort, Four Seasons Hualalai, Moana Surfrider Hotel, Royal Hawaiian Hotel, Grand Hyatt Kauai, Wailea Marriott, Hyatt Regency Maui, Kauai Marriott Beach Club, Turtle Bay Hotel, Aquarium of the Pacific, Harrah’s & Silverton Casinos, Alrossa, Marshall Retail Group LICK stores, Paradies Lagardere Shops, LAX / JFK, Tampa, Houston, Raleigh Travel Essential airport stores and more than 500 locations.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Body Lotion

This product was recommended by Louis Russell from Kuhamia

In the era of artificial and fake products, the brand Aveeno has kept its promise of staying eco-friendly. The Daily Moisturizing lotion is the perfect environmentally friendly product for your skin. The clinical feature of the cream is its oatmeal formula that keeps our skin soft and moisturized. The unique attribute of the brand is that it uses natural ingredients from ethical farming. The oat crop used for the products keeps it safe for all age groups, including children. Furthermore, its sustainable and recyclable bottles make them fit to be reused.

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